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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A quick #health update

Petula’s Health & Weight Loss Journal

A lot of you already know I spent a good portion of September way under the weather. I believe it started off as a fibromyalgia attack with some help from a flare of Sjogren’s Syndrome symptoms – my body had just had too much running and ripping and needed to rest. In fact, it just crashed on me.

2013-04-05 18.04.26After about a week I started to feel worse. When I finally called the nurse at the Veteran’s Hospital (at the urging of my BFF) she directed me to my closest emergency room because the VA hospital was on diversion. After being seen I was told I had bronchitis and a UTI. The later was a shock since I had no symptoms at all. Honestly, I’d never had bronchitis that was a bit surprising as well. It took a bit over a week for me to start feeling better and once I did my “regular” pains and discomforts seemed minimal given the extreme pain and symptoms I had been in for weeks.

I was feeling so horribly that my middle daughter (shown posing here) chipped in and cooked a couple of meals. She’s only 8, but she’s very responsible & mature.

Finally recovered and feeling relatively normal I had an hematology appointment to get the results of some blood work. If you’re unfamiliar with my health journey take a moment to review some of my previous health and weight loss journals. That’s a link to the most recent one.

Today’s news is not as good as my last report. My blood levels are steadily creeping up and so far we don’t know if that means the Multiple Myeloma is active or if something else is going on. My PA thought that I would be getting a bone marrow extraction sooner than later, but the doc said to give it another three months since I’d been sick.

Scored a reprieve! Nice… because getting bone marrow taken is not the most pleasant thing in the world. The bone survey I had may reveal myeloma activity, not to mention the increase in protein in my urine.

There ya have it: I’m at a weird feeling better place with a chance something is happening under the service that may need attention.

Nothing on the weight front right now. Tell me in the comments section how you’ve been feeling or how you’re managing with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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