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Friday, September 6, 2013

Ladies love Mont Bleu compact mirrors

This post brought to you by Mont Bleu. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last year my 8-year-old daughter participated in a mentoring group for girls that worked with them on self-esteem and -respect, moral behavior and etiquette. They culminated the year with a tea party that included parasol designing and gifts of silver, blinged-out compact mirrors.

I was thrilled at the look on my daughter's face as she gently pulled the mirror out of its small velvet bag - her expression said it all: the love of all things girly and "purse worthy." 

compact mirror"Now I have a mirror for my purse," she said. So begins her quest into stocking her purse with the necessities just like women everywhere have been toting compact mirrors for years to check makeup and hair or to stealthily get a glimpse behind them. And it isn't any ol' mirror women; mirrors like those carried by make the grade. Every mirror from this company, Mont Bleu, is hand decorated in Europe using genuine Swarovski crystals and elements, and are made to the highest standards.

Compact mirrors are a must-have for women, regardless of age, to carry in their purse for last-minute touch up of makeup or to put a stray hair back into place. They are definitely the ideal gift to give to a special lady in your life.compact mirror Once you've decided on your purchase be sure to use code SCM13 to receive a 30% discount in their E-shop on all compact mirrors.

For more images of the beautiful compact mirrors check out Our Pinterest page.

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