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Sunday, September 22, 2013

It’s glittering baby! Start acting like a #kid again.

I get this fantastical feeling when it comes to paper, journals, stickers, stencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, scissors, brushes, pastels, charcoal, glue, glitter… Ah, glitter.

As a mom I am the glitter-naysayer, “Seriously, don’t ya wanna use something else?”

I feel like a big, mean, green giant stomping on cute little ladybugs, but I try to maintain my sternness as the little beady weepy eyes look up at me. Before I can finish my sigh that comes before “IIIIIIII guuueeessss” they’re already smiling and celebrating that I gave in.

The children are a bit older now so I don’t fuss as much about glitter because they clean up after themselves by vacuuming, sweeping, whatever is necessary (right after they grumble about it) and because most of the glitter I hide for myself.

What’s going to make the kid in you happy today?

Check out what my kids’ made me for my birthday – it fueled my glitter happiness. I shared their beautiful creation on Instagram:

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