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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good-bye September…

Goodbye and good riddance to September 2013. September is actually my favorite month – it’s my birth month, but this year I spent most of the days sick. A little more than three weeks.

The beginning of the school year had already thrown me for a loop because I prefer the laid-back life of summertime. When I first became sick I didn’t really think much of it since my health can be somewhat shaky (take a peek at my most recent health-related posts), but when the week passed and I began to get worse as well as develop new symptoms I started to feel a little bleak.

Crying face

In addition to whatever was going on I found out I had developed bronchitis. Everyone attributes it to the weather, but I know as one with a weakened immune system it was more than likely some little cooties that my darling granddaughter obtained from her daycare playmates, which she passed to her mommy and they passed to me. Then there are the three little germ carries I live with. Although they haven’t been sick they are around other little germ carriers all day long.

RainbowFast forward to late Wednesday to Thursday of last week: When I arose I was hesitant to say I was feeling better, but I can confidentially say – after five days of moving around, no chills, no night sweats, no “I can’t stay awake” naps – I am finally feeling better.

Here’s to even better, and WELL, days ahead: Hello October!Sun

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