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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Strum away with a new guitar inlay

Fall and the beginning of the school year bring with it events and activities that, for some, were put on hold or that were a little lax during the summer months. Young and old musicians alike are picking up their instruments to rekindle desires and meet the grade for competitions and performances.

Some of those magicians strum a guitar like nobody’s business and take great pride in their ability to play the instrument as well as the techniques and visual appearance of said instrument. To add a little extra happiness to their playing they can turn to VanWhy Inlay & Design, a company that specializes in custom inlays and luthier services.



2013 VanWhy Inlay & Design

They are the perfect company to turn to for custom guitar inlays. VanWhy is a Pennsylvania-based company that can create an inlay from any material the customer can think of: pearl, shell, exotic woods, metals and stone. They offer affordable pricing with ideal turnaround times, and they understand the importance and will execute a custom inlay worthy of display. For those in need of a custom guitar inlay for themselves or a musician in their lives VanWhy Inlay & Design can be contacted for a quote.

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