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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

new school year (un)excitement

I had a foreboding feeling when leaving my oldest daughter’s apartment on Sunday night after she helped me finish getting two heads of hair styled and ready for the first day of school. You see, these two heads needed long-term hairstyles. There would be no daily combing or styling for at least a month so twists and braids were in order.

The foreboding came in when we – me and the excited-about-first-day girls – arrived home after 10:30. Yes, on a school night. My routine is, and always has been, to ensure shoes, hair, clothes, backpacks are ready at least a week in advance. This didn’t occur with the hair because I knew I could not handle it myself, I knew I wanted  to take 8-year-old Amareah to have someone else do individual braids plus add a little hair and, possibly, have 6-year-old Anna’s done as well.

My beautiful Amareah has a head full of dark curly hair that’s a little pass her shoulders. Over the past couple of years it has gotten thicker and thicker. See what I mean?

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Anna’s hair isn’t as thick as her sister’s and normally to take less time, which is good because of the pain resulting from the repetitive motions as well as the awkward and lengthy sitting positions. Hence the reason I asked their father to financially contribute to this process. I guess you get the idea that he did not… or could not… depending on whose perspective you use.

And there we were… rushing in almost three hours after bedtime.

Everything about getting to school and having what is needed has gone fairly smoothly. Except for our attitudes. Monday Anna was so tired after school that she acted up and ended up being in big trouble. The same night, Amareah cried while doing her homework.

I’m now having déjà vu.

Last night Amareah cried during homework again resulting in her getting in trouble. I expressed my dislike of the school year routine and she agreed. This morning Amareah dragged herself into my room explaining how tired she is, I hit snooze at least three times and didn’t even notice and Anna proclaimed she couldn’t go to school ‘cause she was coughing and her throat hurt.

More déjà vu.

Really? The school year is only on day three and I’m exhausted. How’s that possible? Stress from a variety of places, but ultimately I realize my body and health issues do not like the strict structure and tasks involved during this time. I’m not feeling my children too much either. Come on, moms, you know that happens.

How will we survive an entire school year when we are struggling after three days? Well, at least they always look cute.

First day of school pictures



How’s the beginning of the new school year starting for you? Are your children looking forward to it if they haven’t started already? (Special note to homeschooling families: Please don’t torture me with the freedom of your schedule. Be gentle!) Happy new school year.
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