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Friday, August 30, 2013

Grandmothers are made for sleeping: 3 a.m. ramblings of sleep-deprived Gigi

Tonight (uh, last night?) was the first night I watched/kept 11-month-old Autumn overnight. My little, sweet granddaughter hasn't been feeling well so while her mommy, my daughter, did an out-of-town run - eight hours round trip - I looked after the busy bundle.

She arrived freshly bathed, in her PJs and a little drowsy. Perfect, right? Only perfect if she were to fall asleep quickly. She lounged on me and raised her legs, played with her pacifier, wiggled, stretched and eventually dozed off while watching Life of Pi with me. (Yup, looking at TV while laying next to me on the couch.)

After my arm fell asleep I got up and laid her in my bed, finished watching the movie and joined her about thirty minutes later. My daughter had warned me that Autumn tosses and turns, but experiencing it is a-whole-nother story.

Rustling diaper, kicking feet, talking, sniffing, congested breathing, sighing, rolling, etc., all while fast asleep. I, of course, kept waking up to watch the show. And, in true grandma form, if she was too quiet I woke up to check on her.

About an hour ago there was an extended symphony of sighing, whining, coughing, tossing and turning so Gigi to the rescue laid a soothing hand on the baby's tummy only to discover wetness... Her diaper had leaked.

Shuffling, soothing, fumbling I finally got the wet diaper...


Ut oh, I dozed off and hit wrong button. I meant to save and not publish... Gonna sleep now.... More later. Check out my little sweet potato while I'm away.

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