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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Advertising, reviews, promotions & giveaways

Updated June 2016

If you're interested in reaching one of the largest group of blog readers and Internet shoppers (women!) then you'll want to advertise here on, the home of the blog Petula Writes! This is a PR-friendly blog and we're excited to work with brands and services that appeal to this target market as well as assist in boosting the buzz among women about your brand or service. We'll do this by using marketing campaigns that will include advertisements, giveaways, tweets, web content as well as book, product, service and web reviews.
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Advertising spots are available above the first post (text link or banner), at the end of posts, and in 4 spots in the right sidebar beginning after the social media links. Opening soon will be a spot next to the header measuring about 600x250.

Text link above first post
$25 for 3 months/$70 for 6 months
Banner above first post
$55 for 3 months/$160 for 6 months
Banner at bottom of posts
  $50 for 3 months/$145 for 6 months

There are monthly, three-month and six-month rate options with consideration for weekly or other variables upon request for sidebar ads. The sidebar ads are priced & placed as follows:

Sidebar Pricing*
$25/month or $70 for 3 months
$20/month or $55 for 3 months
$15/month or $40 for 3 months
$10/month or $25 for 3 months
*Any variation in size and there is a price adjustment

**Ads are designed and coded by you.

Fellow bloggers are offered discounted ad rates or equal exchanges, which are made available in size 250x250. Other options are considered for blog hops, giveaways, etc. Inquire for more specific information to

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Product Reviews

I accept products that are of use and interest to women in general that I would personally make use of or have no inhibitions regarding recommendations. Under most circumstances receiving the product is "payment" for a review. All reviews are honest and tasteful regardless of opinion. Payment or receipt of product(s) does not and will not guarantee a specific review. Links to product, retail and service sites will be provided with no specifications on the number of links unless arranged prior to posting between myself and advertiser or their representative. I will, however, automatically include one link and social media links as necessary or requested. There is a fee for additional links.

If it's a product that is used by or of interest to women, mothers and caregivers then this is the ideal place to feature it. I look forward to discussing your product review needs and the opportunity to work with you to market and build excitement about your product.

Book Reviews

At this time, books are not being accepted for review. 


It is an honor to host your giveaway on Petula Writes. I enjoy offering my readers fun opportunities to win sought-after prizes. The "payment" is the item or similar item as is being given away and/or gift card to the specific retailer. In order for items to be reviewed in conjunction with your giveaway, the product must be provided free of charge to facilitate the review and a fee of $10 for administrative fees.

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Sponsored content is welcome and I am interested in speaking with agencies and companies that have information my readers would find useful. This is considered on a case-by-case basis. 
Sponsored content is accepted and published at the of $50 for up to 800 words. Posts of 800 words or more are not accepted.

Guest posts are published at no cost with an agreement to work with me in promoting your content to garner maximum impact. However, if you're promoting a product or service a base fee may be requested.

Your content will be promoted on a minimum of two of the following networks:

Sponsors and guests are required to provide their own images in jpg or png formats.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you, please contact me via email at to submit a request or ask a question. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit Petula Writes!
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