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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Resourceful mom’s guide to getting stuff done – Tip #2

Quick one-at-a-time tips to make hating chores fun

Tip #2 – Quick kitchen floor buff-n-go

This tip is great if you’re really busy and don’t have time to mop the kitchen and/or bathroom floor. It can also be fun as long as you are careful.

I discovered this one when I was rushing out of the house and accidentally spilled something on the floor. I sprayed some multipurpose cleaner on the floor,  got a rag – ripped up old towel, sheet, t-shirt… – then threw it on top of the spill, stepped on the rag and scrubbed with my foot while I fixed my to-go cup of coffee.

Hmmm… I thought, as I quickly admired the clean spot,  and sprayed a few more spots that needed some attention. I kept wiggling and scrubbing around with my foot, finished preparing my to-go items and was out the door leaving a clean floor and a pleasant smell behind me.

CAUTION: Although a rag under both feet sounds fun it’s probably not a good idea since it increases the chances of slipping and hurting yourself. One large rag with both feet on top may reduce that risk, but be careful. Do not do this in the bathroom right after a hot shower since the floor will be extremely slippery.

Have you checked out Tip #1 – Swift shower/tub scrub? What do you think about this tip? Gonna try it? Comment with some feedback, m’kay?

Check back in a few days for Tip #3,

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