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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Resourceful mom's guide to getting stuff done - Tip #3

Quick one-at-a-time tips to make hating chores fun

Tip #3 - Catch 'em, drown 'em

Gross factor: 10+

I find gnats to one of the most annoying and disgusting insects. They're worse than flies and mosquitoes because they fly into your mouth, get sucked up in your nose and violate your food and drink more than flies.
Everyone has told me about vinegar to get rid of gnats, but for some reason I didn't know it was apple cider vinegar and had bought white vinegar. I stumbled upon this trick.

After drinking most of a glass of wine I left the glass sit and when I finally picked it up there were three gnats in it in. Besides being creeped out and destine to scratch uncontrollably I left it sitting. A few hours later 11 gnats... And counting.

It's simple: leave a bit of wine in the bottom of a glass and take pleasure in a little bug torture.

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