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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Put it in writing

When my oldest daughter was a youngster, and even every once in awhile now, I wrote her letters and notes or bought her a card to tell her something wonderful about herself, how much I love her and/or just to say ‘hello, you’re special.’ I did this a lot of the time when she was away visiting family and sometimes when the mood hit.

CAM01046Over the weekend, I was putting some things in my “I <3 It’ book when my actions of taping, pasting, coloring, writing and sticking caused me to think of my middle daughter Amareah. Suddenly it dawned on me that her addiction to journals, notebooks, pretty paper and holding on to little things that seem meaningless to others is exactly the same addiction I have. So I wrote her a letter to express how delightful it was to find out that we have that one thing in common and that she got it from me. I also told her how much I am going to enjoy sharing that hobby with her and other things we’re both interested in as well as the things we don’t necessarily have in common.

That one letter reminded me of the letters I wrote for my oldest daughter Amber and that there are many other ways to express how much my children mean to me. Having more than one at once sometimes makes it difficult to focus on their individuality, gifts and interests, but with a little sincere thought and heart I can always let them know that I’m interested in them… and so totally in love.

(Both pictures are of Amareah, one of my mini-mes.)
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