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Friday, July 5, 2013

Lazy… uh, Resourceful mom’s guide to getting stuff done

Quick one-at-a-time tips to make hating chores fun

Tip #1 – Swift shower/tub scrub

shower curtainIt’s best to take advantage of this tip right before you’re ready to wash a load of towels and/or linens. This works best right at the end of taking a shower: Use your shower gel, soap works well too, on your puff or washcloth to scrub down the walls and, using your foot, the tub. Move the showerhead around to rinse and waa-la.

NASTY ALERT: If your tub is 10-people dirty this is not the right method. I’m the only one  who uses my tub and shower so it’s minimal scuzziness … and it’s mine.

What do you think? Gonna try or not? Leave a comment with your best shower/tub cleaning tip.

Come back tomorrow for Tip #2.

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