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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blank mind #writer

I’m sitting and staring at my screen and nothing is appearing. I have no posts waiting in the wings and no assignments on the table at the moment. I also have no ideas for posts or assignments. There are no scenes for my book waiting to be added to the other rich text and there isn’t even a verse fluidly twisting in my head.

Writer’s block?

Maybe, maybe not.

I think I’ve succumb to a horrible case of life. Something stressful, tiring, and time and brain consuming has sucked any creativity, memories and abilities right from my mind. Mmhmm.

Yesterday I attempted to do a little freewriting. That was unsuccessful. Today I tried writing the text for a post idea. It sounded horrible. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again. Yes, tomorrow I’ll try again. It’s the writer’s creed write: you must write to write… everyday.

It is a vicious cycle that seems to plague me quite often… Add that to the fact I can barely keep my eyes open and, in my mind, all of this is a recipe for blog failure. And destination no novel.

Cue music. {violins, harps, piano}

2013-05-21 18.38.26-1As my blog drifts, so does my mind as it fights to come up with something. Some witty,  well-written, engaging and interesting posts that are so superbly wonderful my readers and blogging friends worldwide will want to immediately pass it on. On top of that, I will  figure out this blog redesign stuff and create a visually appealing, modern-looking page where every link lands where it should and draws said readers to return daily. Twice daily.

At the very least blog communities, groups and individuals flock to read because of my ever-present… uh, presence on their blogs and sites. Only because I have unending energy and time to visit all of the 100+ blogs I like and those who follow me will return the favor several times a day to delight themselves with my witty comments and musical words.


Now I feel better. I’ve turned a mini vent of nothing into a rather interesting read. In my opinion. So, in essence, I have written something, my mind isn’t blank – it’s filled with… words. Yea! Words make sentences, ideas, paragraphs, books, stories, poetry, prose, lyrics… Words make magic.

IMG_20120902_130744-1Tomorrow – or someday soon – my magic will share a new product, a great book, a story about the grandbaby, happenings with the kiddos or something else just as interesting and fun.

Until then, take a moment to tell me what’s on your mind.

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