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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school already? You’re kidding.


I think I say that every year. So why am I so surprised each and every year when school is about to start only two weeks into August? It seems like summer just started and I didn’t get a chance to do everything with the kids that I wanted to do.

I need to just stop it. Get used to it already.

DSCF4553Buuuuttt (insert whine), there are still projects to do, parks to explore, trails to follow, crafts to make, trips to take and a whole lot of sleeping in for me. I love the relaxed scheduled especially as someone who suffers from some health issues that can cause quite a bit of pain and exhaustion.DSCF4582

But. Here.We.Are. … Again.

Schedules will start to conflict with appointments and our tired bodies will be pushed to go to Cub Scouts, Dance and/or Soccer on some evenings. There will be PTA meetings, parent/teach conferences, performances, ceremonies – don’t forget to times it all by three.


The only good things about the school year are watching the children learn more, having steady structured days and getting closer and closer to the day when they’ll pack their suitcases, haul them into their own cars and ride off into the sunset.

CAM01187Oh, I’m sure I’ll miss them – sometimes – but by the time the last one is ready to leave home I’ll be in my late 50s. Sounds like the perfect time to spend a little endless quiet time. Well, at least until the holidays when they all come clamoring back.

What do ya think? Change the locks? Naw, I’ll wrap them in my arms, listen to all of their escapades and find out about things they know they shouldn’t have done. By then my granddaughter will be a preteen and I’ll be hushing them to keep her little brain from absorbing too much.

Then when they start to complain and whine about having to go back to school so soon I’ll just smile, pack them some goodies, usher them to the door and say, “Awww what a shame.” All while I’m giggling and thinking about what I’ll do when the house gets quiet again.

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