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Friday, June 7, 2013

Keep your kids busy during #summer

Last year I had the pleasure of sending my children to summer camp. It was good for me - it kept me sane - and them, it kept them off mommy's radar. I know you understand.

This year I knew in advance summer camp was not in the financial plans. So I leapt into planning and organizing to keep them happy, busy and educated. Three main things we're doing that you can do as well regardless of budget and where you live.

1. Use the summer learning packets schools send home or your summer learning schedule for homeschoolers. It doesn't need to be done on a strict schedule just add the tasks you'll enjoy as a family and that will keep little brains active. Add scavenger hunts, science studies at the park and timed reading. Don't forget puzzles and games that help team building skills, strategy, math and comprehension.

2. Join your libraries free reading programs. If they're gonna be reading they might as well enjoy a free treat or two - yea, books! - since they'll be reading anyway. Don't forget to attend some of the libraries free programs. My kids have already learned about Native Americans in Georgia and made a paper canoe with little riders.

3. Check your local bowling alley to see if they offer "kids bowl free." We have a Pinstrikes right up the street that gives registered kids two free games of bowling every day. You only have to register to receive your weekly coupons, which you'll print out and take with you. The only thing you'll pay for is shoe rental. I chose to do lunch there as well one day - one large pizza, one large drink & large water - and the total was about $12. Not bad for four people.

Other things we have done include swimming and family night at Chick-fil-A (free kids meals and activities). We also plan on parks and lakes explorations. There are quite a few free and low-cost activities to participate in during the summer. Explore your town or city to discover them.

Love the stomping face and body language.

Notice how my youngest daughter stomps away after not getting the pins she wanted. This is a priceless photo because every since she was a baby she wouldn't let anyone catch her crying or being naughty.

My youngest and my only son battled for second place.
My middle daughter beat out her slightly older brother.
What are you and your family up to this summer?

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