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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From coffee can to pencil holder {crafts with kids}

I've still been busy with the kiddos and when they are at their father's place I'm busy organizing or working on my own projects. Yesterday I had an out patient procedure so I've been resting for the past 24 hours.
However! I couldn't wait one more day to check in with you. My oldest daughter has been taking care of me and the younger ones came home this morning. They are only here for a couple of days before they go back to their dad's so the girls and I made pencil holders. My son opted out and worked on his drawings.

This is one of those easy summertime crafts I told you about. Here's what you do: save your coffee cans (or whatever can or jar you prefer), gather existing supplies (we used colorful papers, pipe cleaners, foam stickers and shapes) and a hot glue gun. I'd also sat out yarn, mini pom poms and string for them to choose from. I gave them basic instructions then let their creative juices flow.

I think they did a great job - the results are too cute. Now they can separate their pencils, pens and markers instead of arguing... Yea, right. Anyway... Too cute.

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