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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Toot Sweet: early Mother’s Day present

My sweet youngest daughter Anna, who will be 6 years old in a few weeks, was so excited to visit the Mother’s Day Shopping Store at her school. On Monday she brought home a flyer with information about the store and told me her class had visited the store and she knew what she wanted to get me.

As any proud mother would do, I smiled and had to tell her five times not to tell me because I wanted it to be a surprise. This was during the four minute ride from their school to our home. When we arrived home, she continued talking about it and her sister, 8-year-old Amareah, kept telling her to keep the secret. I, of course, told her she could shop because who can resist the sparkly smile and excited eyes of a 5-year-old sweetheart? As instructed I reminded her of my favorite colors and let her take her money ($9) to spend.

8e5825eb-bb6a-42ce-aaf2-0eb593a0885fGuess what’s the first thing she did when she jumped in the van on Tuesday. “Mommy, I got your gift” and she thrust a thin red rose at me. “Moomie (my name for her) you didn’t want to wait? It isn’t Mother’s Day – I thought it would be a surprise.” She continued to grin, I thanked her  and I smiled at her via the rearview mirror. I glanced at Amareah and saw a patient, older sister gaze and a little shake of the head. We shared our private joke and chatted up Anna who had dug something else out of her backpack: a double-sided lip gloss just for me.

I immediately swiped on some of the orangey red color, which is surprisingly beautiful and long lasting, while glancing sideways at the sparkly pink. I’ll test that later. The best part about the gifts is she brought herself a tube of lip gloss as well. It’s “funny” to watch her waiver between the selfishness of a child who thinks the world revolves around her to the unconditional love and selflessness she has for her mommy.

CAM00882I’m as thrilled as she is about her first chance to shop for her mommy on her own. For her, I think it was less about the gift and more about the big-girl opportunity to do something for me. As for me, I love my gifts and my toot sweet girl.

Can you see the shimmer?


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