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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A poet’s verses in “The Way of the Scarecrow” {book review}

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an except from the poem
In Black and White

She came to me in my dreams in black and white
Like a whisper upon the win
Ever so quiet, Ever so soft
But so real that I felt her upon my skin
The touch of her fingertips caressing my eyelids
Her touch likened to Angel’s wings
So gentle…

That is an excerpt from a poem that Patrick M. Bishop includes in his book “The Way of the Scarecrow: A Collection of Poems from the Heart,” which was published in February. It’s one of my favorites in the book and one where his words seem to surround me. I can relate to them. I guess that’s the pull of Patrick’s poetry: It’s like a seductive embrace of words that speak to you while they touch your heart, your spirit and your very essence.

It’s the way a good portion of his words make me feel. Like in the poem “Where are you?” or the words of “No More” that seems to be a deep expression of frustration for women who allow the wolves to devour them and their beauty.

Funny thing is, I seldom read more than five poems in a book of poetry, but with Patrick’s “The Way of the Scarecrow” one poem makes me want another. Like in “A Woman” where I hear a revelations about him… or at least that’s what I see. For me his poetry is like an abstract painting that seems to shift  as you gaze upon it – allowing for the viewer’s – or in this case – the reader’s interpretation.

Where does it come from? Patrick says he’s been writing for as long as he can remember. When he was a senior in high school he wrote songs, one-act and screen plays as well as short stories. After high school he delved into poetry some more and was motivated by friends and family, teachers and counselors to consider sharing his poetry through publishing. From there his travels and experiences inspired him to write on a daily basis, venture deep within himself and allow the poetry to spring forth.

“I love writing,” he says, “and I can’t imagine a day without poetry… Poetry is life and it connects us all through the marriage of words. It touches us with it's fingertips like music or beauty and we carry it with us for the rest of our lives.”

Even if you’re impartial to poetry you’ll want to thoroughly read, study and absorb at least one poem. Find one that speaks to you, and once you do you’ll keep searching for another. “I write knowing that if I feel the poetry, I am not alone, someone else will feel it as well … [feel] the emotions that it entails,” says Patrick who lives in Athens, Georgia.

My one complaint is the layout and spacing of the poems, other than that I would recommend you follow “The Way of the Scarecrow.”

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