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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friends & Freebies

Two of the best-est things are friends and freebies and when you get both at the same time then it’s a super, double score. That’s why I wanted to tell you about my friend Stacie. You may know her: She’s the freebie-makeup-skincare-hair care-deals addict over at Stacie Sayz So.

purexI consider her a very good blogging buddy and hopefully we’ll get to meet in person one day. I also enjoy her blog especially when she hosts giveaways, which she does quite frequently. Why is that important today? ‘Cause I just cashed in my coupon for a free Purex Naturals detergent.

Not only was it a win (I love winning), but it was for detergent (I love cleaning products and I have A LOT of detergent) and I won something useful. Come to think of it, Stacie normally has giveaways for something useful. I can’t decide whether winning a “treat” is better than winning something useful. I suppose they rank quite equally on the list.

stacie headshotIf you haven’t visited Stacie Sayz So then now is a good time. I’m sure you’ll find something to read that interests you or a goodie giveaway.

Do you have a blogging buddy who is one of your favorites? Share who it is below. Also, if you’ve won anything through a blog giveaway that totally made your day, share what it was and the blog where you entered.

Have fun.

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