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Thursday, May 30, 2013

End-of-year fun & busyness

The last few weeks have been busy, which is how the school year always ends, and fun. When I had one child in school back in the day (excuse the overused phrase) I thought things were a bit hectic, but those days have nothing on these. The schedule gets so chaotic I have to call in my ever-present, mini-me, partner in crime and all things busy-like: Amber, the oldest.

2013-05-15 12.01.22It started about two weeks ago  when I had to go to the store for a cropped jacket for Amareah to wear with her dress for the Charming Chrysalis Mother/Daughter Tea on that coming Wednesday, and a white blouse for her to wear the same week for her honors ceremony.

Amareah at teaWednesday’s tea was wonderful. I really enjoyed spending time with Amareah and watching her behave like a young lady during the event. She looked beautiful and despite the burning sun we had a fabulous mother/daughter experience. 2013-05-15 11.05.06When we weren’t listening to the speaker or noshing on goodies while sipping tea we were talking about which dresses and shoes we liked best on the attendees. There was a little earring and hair talk as well. I was sure to keep the comments positive and light with a little humor thrown in. I’ve used this events plus girl conversation with my oldest daughter when she was this age – it helped her to see what’s appropriate dress for various events as well as gauge what her opinions are of certain attire.

Doesn’t the cropped jacket look cute and ladylike?

2013-05-15 11.48.47-1We were scheduled to decorate the parasols together, but the markers they were going to use hadn’t arrived. The girls still took pictures with them and the group scheduled one last meeting the following Monday to decorate them. I decided to join in on the fun. I think the two of us did a fabulous job:


2013-05-17 09.11.52I was too tired Thursday (two weeks ago) to go to a scheduled event that evening, but not attending allowed me to rest to get ready for Anna’s luau on Friday. It, like Amareah’s tea, was held outside at the school’s amphitheater. There were lots of activities and Anna wanted to participate in as many things as she could.





2013-05-17 09.26.53

The parachute ball game thingy. Is she sticking out her tongue?! LOL







2013-05-17 09.29.06Balancing a stuffed toy on her head. The frog fell every couple of steps regardless of how slow she walked… It was that darn little bun on top of her head.






2013-05-17 09.32.37

Jumping rope. She hasn’t quite managed the continual movement of rotating the jump rope and jumping, but at least she finally can get both feet off the ground at the same time. That was quite entertaining to watch.






2013-05-17 10.03.50Drawing with sidewalk chalk. She said she was drawing a house. I must admit the finished product looked like a sunny, happy day of play outside of a cute little home.





2013-05-17 09.39.56

Face painting. She chose a red heart and it looked adorable on her happy little face.

And that wasn’t all: There was ball play in the field, sack races, cart and tricycle racing, bowling and one or two other things that I can’t recall the names. I’d say this little Kindergartener had a fabulous time ending the year with fun.





2013-05-10 13.01.252013-05-16 17.19.07-1Then there are always the joys of having my little sweet potato around: My granddaughter Autumn.





The end of the school year doesn’t bring too much resting, but our schedule is going to be a little more relaxed. Stay tuned for “grad” ceremonies and what we’ve been up to so far. Has school ended for your offspring? What are your plans for the summer?

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