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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Self-portrait poetry challenge

Years ago – 2001 – I received a large black journal as a gift. The reason: A writer needs something to write in, right? And as a journal addict I didn’t refuse. That journal has had many purposes, I started writing poetry, book and story ideas then to-do lists and now it’s sorta a regular journal. It’s a place where I tape beautiful photos, handmade keepsakes from my kids, travel articles and those I need to read and remember improve myself, random writings and more.

Today I’m adding a couple of words that were on some mail I received, but before I could get to that I had to browse the pages. I came across the self-portrait poem formula someone had told me about in 2007 and the poem I wrote as a result then, of course, I wanted to share it with you.

After you read my poem you’ll find the formula to make your own:

About Petula
A self-portrait poem

The seeker is who my mom named me to be
White, black and Indian all make up my ancestry
Hailing from near the Mason Dixon line
Spawn of a clan meshed by time
Light and what some call tall, a thick girl with a down-to-earth drawl
Creative, inventor, inspired writer, editor extraordinaire
Lover of all things natural – herbs, nails and, of course, hair
Strong willed, confident and believer of truth
Lonely at times with just the companions under my roof
Caribbean travel, road trips and hikes are a must
But most definitely avoids the bus
Praying for published novels and books
With an invention hanging on my belt hooks
Finding my place with joy and love, seeking everything as well as my God above.

© Petula Wright 2007

Now it’s your turn. Even if you’re not a writer, per se, or a poet simply give it a try. Your poem doesn’t have to rhyme or fit a specific format. All you have to do is follow the formula in the order given.

The self-portrait poem formula

    1. your name
    2. your ancestry
    3. your birthplace
    4. your family
    5. your physical self
    6. talents, gifts, abilities
    7. likes and dislikes
    8. your opinions
    9. your friends
    10. adventures you’ve been on
    11. visions and dreams
    12. address your name again

Now that you’ve finished your creation, post it on your blog (please!) then  add your link below to share it with others. Come back often and visit everyone who participates. It’s a mini blog hop with a challenge. (If you don’t have a blog post the poem in the comments.)

Have fun.

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