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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Personalize your guitar with custom inlays

There is an awesome image you viewed online or a wicked tattoo you added to your ink accessories, and you’ve been thinking the design would look great on your guitar. No problem VanWhy Inlay & Design can take care of that for you.

VanWhy Inlay & DesignVanWhy Inlay & Design is your one-stop inlay shop where Aaron VanWhy provides topnotch, customized services. Your headplate, finger board and pickguard can all be inlayed with a design of choice, and Aaron will masterfully any design presented to him. Whether you’re a collector of guitars, play as a hobby or are a seasoned  or amateur musician he will take the time to discuss to ensure your piece meets your specifications. Even if you aren’t sure what design you want, Aaron can develop a design for you based on what you relay to him. Either way you’ll end up with a guitar you will treasure forever to pass down to future generations.

In addition to guitars, Aaron VanWhy can transform jewelry boxes, furniture and just about anything you can think of into beautiful works of art. Find out more about guitar inlay designs by visiting their online home.

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