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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get a helping hand with Campus Bellhops & 10% off

I remember the day I helped Amber, my oldest daughter, move into her first college dorm. It was a whole lot of work and it was really hot. The university she attended at the time was fairly organized with students showing up at pre-determined times, signing in and moving their belongings into their suites. Moving is not one of my favorite things to do so had I been able to enlist help, I would have been one happy first-time college mom.

Now parents and their students have the choice of choosing Campus Bellhops, a student-run moving company available on more than 50 college campuses across America. This ingenious business was started by two Auburn University entrepreneurs and they’ve grown their business to employ more than 2,500 students.


Since 54 percent of moms relate the college moving experience to a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the Department of Motor Vehicle, I know I’m not alone in my college moving feelings. We college moms agree carrying heavy items – TVs, microwaves, dishes, storage bins and mini refrigerators – up multiple flights of stairs is akin to torture. And, in my experience, lugging those same items into and out of elevators is no walk in the park either.

All the more reason to employ Campus Bellhops. The bellhops who are university students cover move-ins and –outs for houses, dorms, apartments and storage facilities. The standard dorm move costs under $100. Once booked clients receive an email beforehand including the biographies of their two Bellhops.

Ready to get started? Visit to book your move and use code PetulaWrites for 10 percent off your move.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Any opinions expressed here are my own and are in no way influenced by Campus Bellhops or other individuals. As a college mom, I would definitely employ this service. More information can be found in my ever-so-interesting disclosure policy.

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