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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Build & Grow with Lowe’s

Yesterday was the second time my children participated in a Build & Grow workshop at the local Lowe’s, which happens to be right across the street from where we live. Last time, when I was able to take all three children, they built little gingerbread houses with a one-sided hinged roof to hide little goodies. The wooden house, which was fairly easy to build, was adorned with colorful stickers. Yesterday I had my two young girls with me, ages 8 and almost 6, and they put together planters.

anna and amareah @ lowe'sThe planters were really easy to assemble and I only had to help them hold it in place while they hammered or something else small. I was pleasantly surprised and proud that my youngest daughter Anna was able to hammer on her own with precision and strength. I commented on how noticeably stronger she was compared to last time and she agreed.

Once the planters were finished, we bought flower seeds and a flowering plant for Anna as well as a Venus Flytrap for their brother since the young ladies hosting us were nice enough to let us have his. (You have to register in advance online. I’d registered the three of them.)

If you haven’t taken your children to a Build & Grow workshop, you should check it out. The children receive aprons, badges for each project completed and certificates.

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