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Friday, March 29, 2013

You sat on gum? No problem. Here's how you remove it.

Disclaimer: Please use your discretion with particular material. The item used here is thick cotton, khaki boy's pants. Other materials may be damaged with this technique.

We all know children can be rough on their clothes. An issue that is not only annoying, possibly, costly. With the end of the school year only two months away I don't know any parents or caregivers who want to, or plan to, buy any school clothes.

After using eraser
That's why keeping kids' clothes in good repair is important. My son often gets his clothes stained, but lately he's gotten even more clumsy or careless. Normally it's just food or grass strains, but the other day he sat on some gum. (What makes it so bad is he didn't even know it.)

I had him remove as much gum add he could then I picked and peeled off as much as I could. I sprayed the pants with spot remover, but when they came out of the wash the gum strain was still there. For almost a week I contemplated whether to discard the pants, but they a good quality pair so last night I tried one more time.

Spray with stain remover.
First I removed as much as I could with an eraser then I sprayed them with strain remover - letting it sit a minute or two. Then I did something radical: I washed them in hot water and bleach with a load of white clothes.

It worked!

There was a very faint spot where the gum was. It worked so well I wondered if I was looking at the correct pair of pants.

Let's review the easy steps:
  1. Erase gum to remove as much as you can.
  2. Soak spot with your favorite stain remover - I used Shout.
  3. Wash in hot water with bleach. Caution: If the item is a dark color I don't recommend this. Try a color-safe bleach instead.
It's gone!
This also may have worked because I didn't put the pants in the dryer after the first wash, however they were dry when I washed them with the bleach.

Do you have any tried and true, but easy, methods of removing gum? Share them with us or let me know how this tip works for you.

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