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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quick, refreshing spa water

Even before it was “popular” I was guzzling water; it was the only thing that quenched my thirst. But even as the most dedicated lover and drinker of water I sometimes get tired of drinking it plain – it’s rare, but it happens. Usually I just add a squeeze or two of lemon juice or make green ice tea. Just the other day I tried something new: I made my own spa water.

I read a lot of magazines and I’d clipped a little blurb about making spa water. There were three flavor suggestions, but the one that appealed to me the most included a few easy ingredients. When I went to the store I forgot my list so I bought mint leaves, lemons, limes and cucumbers.

Once I returned home I took out my glass carafe right away so I wouldn’t forget and get lazy. The instructions were to thinly slice the lemon and cucumber then slightly crush the leaves. The other ingredient was rosemary, which I couldn’t remember when I was in the store. As one who likes to vary instructions I decided to use thin slices of lemon, lime and cucumber along with the mint leaves.

The first thing I noticed once I cut the items was the fragrance. That alone was enough to calm me as well as excite about drinking it. I put everything in the bottom of the carafe and added distilled water. I normally buy regular drinking water and added two jugs of distilled water to my groceries for this purpose. I took a little sip after it sat for a few minutes and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite ready.

LINEcamera_share_2013-03-27-20-04-41I chilled it overnight and, “wah-la,” I enjoyed perfect spa water today. It was even more fragrant and refreshing than I thought it would be. I guzzled about two cups before I refilled the third time and am happily sitting and sipping… Well, while I tell you.

Overall, the spa water was a success. I did discover two things I’ll adjust next time: 1) The mint leaves seemed to be too dry (i.e., not fresh at all!) because there wasn’t any fragrance from them even after they were crushed. 2) I don’t like the leaves floating in the cup while I’m drinking. After the water chills I’ll remove the leaves or next time when I make it I’ll put the leaves into my tea ball and let float in the water overnight. 3) I may try different combinations each time I make it: strawberries and cucumbers, green tea with fruit or cucumbers, etc.

Having the water on hand to pour into a cup or water bottle is nice. Each sip of it is a sensory joy – the fragrance and the cool water against my tongue are a welcome treat.

Whataya think: Are you gonna make your own spa water?

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