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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chores & children

Even on my most fog-filled days there is one thing I'm always sure of: I'm raising adults not children. When my children are grown, I will have raised them and while they're growing I'm training (raising) them to be adults.
That is why it is a must for them to learn responsibility, respect for themselves and others, discipline, work ethic and how to take care if and appreciate their home. I've written about my children and chores a couple times in the past. I had them getting down to business in 2009 with a responsibility chart and gave tips last year on how to make chores fun for kids as well as productive.
Once again I'm adding to and revamping our chore system. Before the kids worked together on every task with each having about one specific thing they are responsible for. Now they each have more than one chore that's is labeled with how often and when it should be done, and I'm taking time to show them - again - how to properly do certain tasks.
These changes came about with the realization my son is being afflicted with a serious whiney, attitude and lazy syndrome while the girls go from lazy to attitude always with a touch of whine. By making one person accountable for a certain task then they will have to ensure the siblings keep up that area or both will suffer consequences. Accountability and responsibility.
This means that Amareah can't say the plate is still on the table because Anna didn't move hers. Even if Anna didn't move her plate Amareah must ensure it still gets done.
My children, especially Amareah, perform their chores very well, but we'll definitely need to work on their attitudes, consistency and work ethic. Sounds like a long road ahead especially since I'm also going to reintroduce Andre to the responsibility chart. He needs the most "pushing."
What tactics do you use to get your children to do chores?
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