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Monday, February 25, 2013

From a different angle

After sleeping all of last week away, and not accomplishing anything on my own, it was refreshing to get up yesterday and get things done. A little housework was started, mail sent and I even put the trash out myself.

Major accomplishments.

I love my Kindle... & I love coffee! :-)
The best things about the day:
  1. Having the strength to watch my granddaughter for more than a few minutes,
  2. Enjoying lunch (with a GIANT cup of coffee) at Dunkin Donuts.

Although I didn't have enough time to get any writing done, I was able to read on my Kindle (a Zoe Martinique Investigation) and simply enjoy the moment of being in a different space.

It's a small thing, but something I relish and enjoy.

She doesn't think she's too big for my lap.
Today, however, after a night of not sleeping well and being awakened by a child who isn't feeling well I don't think I'll enjoy the view as much: coughing child, rainy & cold day, pediatrician's office...

I'm already planning my next change of scenery.

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