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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Custom inlay services

There’s something extra special about having an item or prized possession customized. VanWhy Inlay & Design understands that importance and executes custom inlay and luthier services beautifully and professionally.

The Pennsylvania-based company (with a strong virtual presence) does top quality, custom inlays specializing, but not limited to, guitars. They can create any inlay on whatever you can think of using materials such as pearl, shell, exotic woods, metals and stone. They provide Luthier Services on neck shaping of blank or billet necks; custom head plates, fingerboards and pick guards; gun stocks, jewelry boxes and humidors; set-up and adjustments in addition to other services.

VanWhy offers affordable pricing with good turnaround. If you have a need for customized inlay services you can contact them for a quote prepared especially for you.

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