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Friday, January 25, 2013

Sky lanterns for Valentine’s Day

There have been quite a few posts telling you about sky lanterns so I thought I didn’t have another original idea for using them. I was wrong; an idea came to me and I think you’ll like this one the best.

Purchase heart-shaped, or regular, sky lanterns to share with special person in your life on Valentine’s Day. That person could be a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, new love interest, your children, parents, grandparents and just about anyone who you’d like to express a deep love and appreciation for.

sky lantern redLet’s take a significant other, for example. Picture a romantic weekend getaway to a cabin or hotel not too far from where you live. You buy tickets for an event or production they like, book a reservation at a unique eatery, pack a bag full of clothing you don’t get to wear on a regular basis and on your last night you culminate the occasion by releasing a couple of sky lanterns. Right before the two of you watch the lanterns disappear into the sky, you recite a poem or read a love letter with music playing softly in the background.

Wouldn’t that put a unique and memorable spin to your weekend? Definitely. With sky lanterns there are a number of creative ways to take an event or moment from ordinary to extraordinary.

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