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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mommy drain, tired brain

Being the MIC (mom in charge) in my world requires a lot of juggling, coordinating, organizing and balancing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go smoothly so when things start to wobble, fall and get a little chaotic my lovely brain starts to shut down – sometimes taking my body with.

Seriously. Hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes when you consciously know that you have two or three additional tasks to do in the morning before taking the kids to school. Some would say, ‘oh you just need more rest.’ Situation number two: Walking into the kitchen, shuffling dirty dishes around, getting a snack and walking right back out. The intention was to do dishes, but I’m surprised when I return to the kitchen for a drink and the dishes are still in the sink.

frustrationOkay, last one: Leaving a trail of undone tasks in my wake. Right now I’m sleeping on about one-fourth of my California king-sized bed. The other part is not only covered with clothes, but there’s also an under the bed plastic storage bin, two manuscripts, day planner, coupons, forms from schools, notebook, teddy bear, earrings, bracelet, earmuffs, scarf, a leather coat, coupons and a paper towel.

I may leave the room, pick up the towel or a piece of paper then walk to the dining area, put the towel on the table and push in a chair. I’ll go into the office while stepping over an item that needs to be returned to the store and storage drawer that should be in the garbage. I’ll grab a pen, a piece of paper or some other object I thought I went in there for, go in the kitchen for some water, stop in the living room for a sec and pick up a random baby sock or a kid’s toy then I’ll return to my room empty handed.

I’ll sit down in front of my laptop, look at what I was doing and suddenly remember what I left the room for. The round about way of getting something accomplished isn’t as bad when I don’t have brain drain.

These brain drains need the help of more than a little rest; I need the rest and the resources to ask for help along with the ability to say no. If I do that then I can commit to what’s most important and follow through with what I said I was gonna do.

Make sense?

If not, blame it on the brain drain.

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