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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gifts for my granddaughter

I was doing a little deal browsing (I can’t help myself) and saw the cutest little musical radio toy for babies. I read all the information and how it helps children with learning, how they love music and the flashing lights are enticing and wonderful. I thought it would be an excellent toy for my granddaughter because she’s getting a little bored with her current toys and she has already shown she loves music. I was a second short of clicking purchase when I noticed the package read, “12 months+.”

Practical baby gifts

There was a moment when I was going to get it anyway, but then I thought about what it’s like to be a new mom and receive gifts that aren’t appropriate or useful for the stage my child is in. Even though the mommy is my daughter I always want to be sensitive to her needs and knowledge. Keeping that in mind, I just clicked back to the online retailer SimplyBabyGifts to check out the current baby gifts they have available.

They have the cutest burp clothes, stroller blankets, themed bodysuits and little yoga pants. All very practical, cute and useful; however, don’t tell my daughter that I’m going back to looking at toys. She can’t argue with toys plus burp clothes, blankets and an outfit. Everyone wins.

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