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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Build a house… a playhouse

I have never met a kid who wasn’t interested in having a tree house, clubhouse or any variation of the two. The thought of having a miniature house in the backyard seems to be an overwhelming appeal for most kids. Even adults reminisce about clubhouses they had or ones they’ve always wanted. I, along with my cousins, had a little open aired tree house our uncle made for us and I’ve always wanted an elaborate mini house for my children.

That’s why I was more than willing to share with you the Wood Playhouses I learned about. I figured you’re just like me – you either had a little house, wanted one or want to get one for your children or grandchildren. At the wooden playhouses are on sale, which makes it a perfect time to purchase them. By the time the weather is warm enough to enjoy it you’ll have it up and ready to go.

The houses arrive to you pre-cut kits and all you have to do is use a level, tape measure, screwdriver and hammer. They don’t rust, sag or dent and that’s makes them ideal for other uses after the children are finished with them. Wouldn’t it be a cute practical storage building? No one would be the wiser.

I took a peek at the offerings, and I have to admit I couldn’t decide on a playhouse I like the most. So here are a few I think are totally irresistible.

playhouse #1 Little Squirt Playhouse with Sandbox

playhouse #2
Grand Portico Mansion

playhouse #3

Wood Hampton Chalet

See what I mean? These wooden playhouses bring back all kinds of childhood desires. Tell me, who would you buy a little playhouse for?

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