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Monday, December 17, 2012

Having healthy skin

A lot of mothers and grandmothers – including myself – recommend a regular dose of 100 percent juice that includes vitamin C to help stave off any cold germs that might try to take root. We’re now discovering the go-to vitamin wields other powers: the ability to give skin firmness and strength as well as create scar tissue and ligaments that help the skin to repair itself.

What does this mean for you? It gives you the extra knowledge you need to give SkinCeuticals skincare products a try. SkinCeuticals was founded 15 years ago and from the beginning they delivered innovative products to improve the overall health and beautiful of the skin. Those products include a topical vitamin C that protects skin from environmental damage; a culprit behind the signs of premature aging.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 GelThe SkinCeuticals line includes hydrating gels, clarifying cleanser, equalizing toner and a number of other creams and SPF protective products. Smoothing on pharmaceutical grade, pure products is your first line of defense to keeping your skin from the harmful effects of the environment around you.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evaluating emotions

I was browsing my unpublished posts and found this. I wrote it sometime over the summer and I’m not sure why I didn’t share it with you…

I've been sitting here pondering a couple of overwhelming emotions I had today. In a particular situation my emotions & feelings are running rampant, but I'm conscious of not letting them run me and focus on thinking logically.

One thing I do know is when we react to something based on intense emotions we may react incorrectly. I'm so extremely glad that I didn't react to someone based on my emotions and now I sit here patiently waiting to discuss a situation. (Thank you Amber for "listening" to me.)

I have to know that it's not always about me. I shouldn't think negatively first and disrupt my flow and motion of my day to dread something that may not happen. I don't have to be scared of being happy or any other wonderfully positive emotion and keep thinking there's a gigantic ball waiting to drop and ruin it.

Living in the moment and enjoying every minute.

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