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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Serious skincare

Cold weather and dry air are not friends to our skin. Add to that any hormonal or medical issues we have and our skin really deserves special care.

Dermalogica Super Rich RepairThat’s why it’s important to have special and reliable skincare products at your disposable to ensure your skin maintains a healthy, beautiful and hydrated appearance. Dermalogica products are one of those that will serve you well in that area. The company has been a worldwide leader in the industry for more than 25 years.

The company has about 15 products available right now on including Daily Microfoliant, Clearing Skin Wash, Multi-Active Toner and MultiVitamin Power Serum. Dermalogica has a product for every skincare need, and with regular use your skin will be clearer, softer and healthier.

What’s your biggest skincare challenge?


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sweet naughty baby

My youngest, almost 5 years ago, exploring under a park bench.

If you’ve read my blog frequently then there are a few things you definitely know about me, but maybe there are a few things you’ve missed. For those of you who are new then let’s get you all caught up:

  • I’m addicted to fruit, skin and hair care products, dark chocolate and coffee.
  • I have quite a few health problems.
  • I like to read and write book reviews, and I’m always behind on reading… What book addict/nerd isn’t behind on reading?
  • It’s fun to review skin and hair care products; at least I think so.
  • I have no problem talking about my children because I adore them (and because they get on my nerves).
  • Amber gave birth to my first grandchild in September, and I can’t believe she’s 3 months old already. She is the sweetest and chunkiest little sweet potato.
  • I have a little issue with procrastination, self immobilization and “laziness.”

There’s a lot going on in this woman’s world – and brain! LOL – search (upper left-hand corner) or ask in a comment and I’ll be happy to tell you. I may whisper it, but I’ll share.

Come back again soon, k?


Celebrate life, honor loved ones

The holidays are upon us and while people are enjoying that by honoring their religious and family traditions they are also celebrating other events and experiences. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned recently, at a time of year when everyone should be joyous some are being forced to remember recently loss loved ones.

It is a good idea to use sparklers to celebrate or sky lanterns to honor the lives of loved ones who aren’t alive to share the holidays. This could be especially important for children who need a positive memory of someone they love and of a time of year that is special to them. has sky lanterns (sort of a mini hot air balloon) and sparklers, which are hand-held fireworks.

When celebrating the life of a loved one sparklers can be lit and placed in a vase, held or whatever feels comfortable. The lantern are released into the sky and used to symbolize different things. Wouldn’t it be nice for a child to be able to verbalize how much they’ll miss their loved one or share a favorite memory.

What do you think about using sparklers or sky lanterns in this way?


Cash-only schools

If you make the mad dash to get kids to school in the morning – or you’ve ever made the mad dash – then realized you forgot to send money for a field trip, book fair or some other event or item… then you know what it’s like to have to quickly take care of the little parenting problem. While driving to the school or rushing to the bus you scribble out a check.

IMG_20120513_142740 That’s what would happen to me when my oldest daughter Amber, now 21, was young and it still happens to me today with the three youngsters who are ages 9, 7 and 5. The difference is the three younger children’s schools don’t accept checks – not even for book fairs or t-shirt sales.

I’m finding this “new” cash-only policy quite annoying. I’m sure it has to do with fees the schools incur because of bounced checks and the processing of said checks. I also know I’ve not been one of the culprits. Everyone makes mistakes, but I strongly dislike being punished, so to speak, for others’ errors.

What policy does your children’s school have regarding writing checks and paying cash? What do you think about the cash-only policy?


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Find unique, useful baby gifts

Just when you think you’ve  seen all there is to see in baby gear there’s even more than you knew was there and it’s even cuter than ever. That’s what happened when I visited again.

Burp cloth, bib and wash cloth Fresh BloomI browsed to the sales page and came across their burp, bib and wash cloth, which is a 3-in-1 product that makes taking care of baby a lot easier. As a burp cloth, mommy slings it over her shoulder for full coverage. For a bib it wraps around baby for full coverage and is secured with rust-free plastic snaps to ensure the bib stays in place. And, it’s a large (9 inches x 20.5 inches) soft, absorbent, 100 percent cotton fabric wash cloth that’s machine washable.

Produced Locally, cranberry bootysuit size 6-12There is one other item in the sale section that is also quite adorable: cranberry bodysuits and t-shirts with the slogan “Produced Locally” imprinted on the front. I’m a sucker for those little shirts and find most of them quite entertaining and clever.

Whether you shop the sale section or the rest of the site for baby gifts, you’ll find exactly what you need. Among the baby gifts are baby yoga pants, out of stroller blankets, personalized Rudolph plates, baptism gowns and clothes.

Don’t wait too long to place your order ‘cause you’ll want it to arrive when you need it. While you’re at it be sure to get the free ground shipping deal, all orders exceeding $75 receive free shipping.


Monday, December 10, 2012

PeachSuite: one stop shop for hotel supplies

Years ago I dreamt of opening and running a quaint little bed and breakfast that was expertly decorated and masterfully equipped with everything the guests would need. Of course, it would also need to be stocked with every supply and amenity of a five-star establishment.

PeachSuite Hotel Supply is an online retailer that can supply the  supplies and amenities  needed to take care of the everyday demands of effectively running a hotel, restaurant, bed and breakfast, catering establishment and health care service. They have been providing top quality Hotel Supplies Online for more than 30 years.

This retailer offers the hotel industry low prices without compromises quality and ensures quick, easy and secure online shopping. For those who want to experience the quality in person, the Atlanta showroom and warehouse is an expansive 120,000 square feet and houses thousands of products that are ready for shipment.

PeachSuite is your Hotel Amenities Supplier, they can handle your hotel resupply needs as well as impress with their specialized and convenient service of new hotel openings. This hotel supplier is committed to delivering what they promise. For now, I’m just going to get back to my dream.

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