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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keep germs away with shopping cart covers

This is the ideal gift to ease mommy’s nerves and ensure baby’s comfort and safety: shopping cart and high chair cover. has four of the cutest patterns on these covers I’ve ever seen. When I had my first child there was nothing like this and I marveled at the moms who crafted their own buggy covers – I hope some are profiting from the invention – now they’re relatively easy to find.

shopping cart cover One reason I like the ones at Simply Baby Gifts is because of the patterns. My favorite is the Licorice Swirl pattern:  It’s classic and works for a boy or a girl as well as helps with the little ones cognitive abilities. The covers are also good if the child gets tired and needs to take a nap they can just hunker down into the cart and doze off ‘cause there’s nothing worse than a cranky kid during a shopping trip.

The covers sold at this online retailer have three uses; in addition to the shopping cart, they can be used as a high chair cover and on a double warehouse shopping cart cover for one or two children. It’s a great way to protect your child from germs and it makes for one of the best baby gifts ever especially since it includes a safety belt, two toy loops and handy pockets as well as a reusable carrying case.

Do you use a shopping cart cover or have you ever used one? Think you’d give it as a gift?


Life of a nomad

There’s an image in my head of myself strolling barefoot along a beach in a long, red, semi-sheer, flowing skirt with a fitted tank covered by a sleeveless, red-flowered shirt that’s light and sheer… my face is relaxed, my children are running freely ahead, a book is in my hand and a blanket is thrown over my shoulder. Somewhere nearby is a shed, a lean to, a tent, a cabin or some place equally low maintenance that contains a few backpacks, provisions and everything we need to survive minimally and happily.

129 Living an itinerant life has been an on and off thought for quite some time. When I mention something like that most people chuckle and think I’m joking; they don’t realize that if I could really relinquish most of my responsibilities, drop off the grid and enjoy life as a vagabond I would do it in a split second.

I suppose vagabond wouldn’t exactly be the correct word to use because I wouldn’t be totally delinquent. I’d take care of my children. How? Hmmm… I guess I didn’t mention that every two to  three months my oldest daughter would contact me (I’d always let her know where I am) and she along with my granddaughter would visit. She’d bring my earnings from my book sales as well as any instructions and manuscripts to edit then take my USB drives to my editor who she would work with and ensure my agent received the new manuscripts on time. Only if any major rewrites need to done does Amber contact me, but – for the most part – she handles everything (oh, she’s nicely compensated).

That, sorta, means I have to get busy writing, huh?

With that said: My fantasy (vision, dream, wish…) is this new way of life will so reduce my lifestyle to-do list and the strain on my brain. My creativity will increase 100 fold. My chronic pain will ease. We would learn multiple languages. Life and living would be peaceful, filled with learning, adventure and new experiences.

Being peripatetic (I just had to use that word) or acting like hobos (yea, I’ve written about that before) seems to be an alright-y life to me.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buying baby gifts

It’s probably a good thing I’m still raising children because I would already be buying my granddaughter, who’s just a month and a half, a whole lot of things she doesn’t really need. However, with the holidays approaching I have an excuse to get buy some goodies for her.

I’m enthralled with baby’s first products: I’ve already gotten her a baby’s first Thanksgiving bib and a pink baby’s first Christmas stocking. (I’m not even going to mention the adorable little onesies I found to give her from her young aunts and uncle.) It really is fun shopping for baby gifts when it’s for your grandchild, and has loads of goodies that I can choose from.

simply baby gifts deluxe basket While I was surfing the baby gifts site I saw a personalized deluxe baby girl gift basket that would be perfect. It has a cute teddy bear that Autumn would love especially since she’s started noticing the world around her; the softness of the bear should be especially enticing. And I won’t get in trouble with Amber, my daughter and Autumn’s wonderful mother, because there are useful items in the basket as well: onesie, bib, burp cloths, hooded towel and blanket all with the baby’s name on it.

When shopping for baby gifts remember to keep in mind what the parent(s) can use for their little bundle of joy. Items, like the stocking, can be mementos and bibs, onesies, burp cloths, etc., are always needed.

Are there any little ones in your family you’ll be buying gifts for this year? What gift ideas do you have?

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