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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get 10% off any purchase ‘til 9/30

There are a few things that are truly official:

  1. I’m a grandmother
  2. Grandparents Day is being celebrated
  3. Autumn begins on September 22nd
  4. You can save money at

simplybabygifts What do these things have in common? I’m glad you asked. They all mean we get to buy baby gifts. It’s true. As a new grandmother I have permission to buy my granddaughter, Autumn (so timely, right?), baby gifts whenever I see fit. In fact, since she was born close to Grandparents Day that means I can treat myself by buying her gifts until she’s old enough to buy me gifts. (Everyone nod with me.)

Regardless of what my daughter says, a grandparent’s logic when it comes to buying cute clothes and accessories is always right. Unless, and of course until, she puts her foot down. Then I’ll be forced to pout and she’ll have to give in or at least compromise.

What in the world does this have to do with Autumn? Will you pay attention! *giggling* With the change of season comes fabulous sales including sales on cute little baby gear including the fabulous finds as Simply Baby Gifts, of course. So don’t hesitate any longer, click on over there right away to get 10 percent off your purchase (no minimum purchase required) between now and September 30th. Simply enter the code fall10 at checkout.


Who stole my journal?

You know that moment when you walk into your room, office, space, wherever and notice your book, purse, journal, whatever missing and you blame your kid, spouse, sister, mom, whoever for moving it? You run through an entire investigative scenario in your head while making note of the details of the case: the last time you saw said item, what you were doing when said item was there, who was present, who was present when you weren’t, etc.

Ah-ha! You think. Raising your eyebrows as the silent victory presents itself. You proceed with your day, waiting for exactly the right moment to pounce on the culprit who violated your privacy, space… the one who betrayed your trust or didn’t follow directions. Just as you’re about to gather your momentum you open your drawer, look in your purse, grab your shoes, go in your closet and discover the aforementioned stolen item. Just as suddenly you recall putting it there because of … well, whatever silly reason you had at the time.

Moral of the story? Hopefully you’ll also remember all of the details before confronting the suspect.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Easy ways to keep my home smelling fresh

I’m one of those unfortunate souls who has a sensitive nose. In fact, almost every time I enter a room in my apartment I make a face because I swear something smells unpleasant. I regular spray air freshener, light candles, use plug-ins, closet fresheners and anything else within reason to keep my home smelling clean, fresh and lovely.

That’s why when I was offered the chance to test out Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser starter kits I didn’t have to think twice about whether I would participate. As a BzzAgent I received coupons to get the two starter kits for free and could hardly wait to purchase them. When I finally went to the store I couldn’t decide which fragrance to get so I chose Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice in the oil diffuser and Cotton & Italian Mandarin in the fragrance mist.

After about a week of using both fragrances, I’ve decided I like the Cotton & Italian Mandarin the most. It has a light, fresh scent that I prefer and that I think would be nice in just about every room of my place. The Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice is a little more subtle and spicy, and at first I didn’t notice it at all. Honestly, I didn’t like it at first, but it is a scent that grew on me.

The dispensers for both the mist and oil diffuser are artfully designed. The oil diffuser looks like a work of art and the mist container could easily pass for a decorative vase or something similar (the label is easily removed). And when it runs out, you simply twist off the bottom, remove the empty cartridge and replace with a new one. No need to buy a complete unit. The same thing goes for the diffuser: Simply purchase a replacement, click in place in less than 30 seconds and enjoy your Glade Expressions for another 30 days.

This line comes with two other scents – Pineapple & Mangosteen and Lavender & Juniper Berry – but I don’t think I’ll experiment anymore. I’ve found the scent for me.

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. As a BzzAgent, I received coupons for free Glade Expressions starter kits in order to facilitate my review and all opinions expressed here are my own. More information can be found by reading my complete disclosure policy.


Individuality is a funny thing

I want to be called a creative. Not a writer. Not an editor… or artist… or poet… blogger… SEO specialist… jewelry maker… none of those other things that I do because they all – pretty much – fall under one category: creativity. I came to this rather spontaneous decision while chit-chatting with a friend.

  2012-07-05 04.24.06My brain seems to work differently from other peoples, but – funny thing this is – I can find people who understand. I always say that doesn’t count ‘cause those people are sorta like me: my oldest daughter, a fellow Virgo, a fellow nerd, another writer, a free thinker… you get the point.

Ideas about different things come to me so fast I often don’t get a chance to write them down. One minute I have an idea about a piece of jewelry I wanna make, the next I get inspiration for something I want to draw, then there’s the post idea, after that I’ll have an idea for a project to do with the kids then I’ll remember something I want to tell my daughter, but before that’s over something else will dawn on me. Is that why I forget so many other things?

In the middle of having a conversation I often forget what I was going to say; happens to everyone, right? Of course. With me it happens four, five… maybe six or seven times in one conversation. Now, most people don’t know this. My daughter knows and my closest friend knows, but I mostly just cover it up when I can. I think that happens because there is some many new information coming in and there is little space for old information. I’m going to stick to that. The other contributors: medications, headaches, migraines, etc.

The last of my individuality craziness is my love of being alone. I absolutely love myself. I like talking to myself, watching movies, reading, sleeping, being quiet, staring at the wall, eating, lounging and everything However, I am a very needy person. Go figure. I like tons of attention. If you say you like me, care for me or are interested in me and you’re not in touch with me or don’t  check on me I get very, uh, disagreeable. Imagine that. An antisocial, creative, loner who needs a lot of attention and gets annoyed when left alone too long.

Yea, now that’s creative.

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