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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shop Lauren Klein for bling-a-licious jewelry

For accessory-addicted fashionistas the perfect piece of jewelry can take a yummy outfit straight over the type. And when they shop at they’ll definitely find something fabulously unique to add to their jewelry wardrobe.

Rough Ruby and Diamond BraceletAt Lauren Klein they turn over every stone the world over searching for the best jewelry designs for their collection. Customers will find exactly what they’re looking for whether it’s high fashion, hip, classic or conservative; it’s all there for the pickin’.

This jewelry company has dedicated itself to keeping the highest of standards regarding quality, but does everything possible to control costs. That’s why they’re able to pass the savings onto the customers. In an effort to keep the money safely in your pocket, Lauren Klein is now offering 15 percent off your entire order and all you have to do is like the Facebook page.

You’ll have a hard time not buying “just one more thing” when you see all of the choices and especially when you consider the discount. Don’t waste another moment, start shopping at right now.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My thoughts about having a 21-year-old baby

Not too long ago I mentioned that my oldest daughter celebrated her 21st birthday. What I didn’t get into is how I felt about it. There is only one reason I haven’t said much about my feelings: They are all mixed up in my head and swirling around with the other information about things going on in my life.

Oh, and before I continue: Yes, she is still my baby! And she admits to it. :-)

Yes, I think it’s amazing and a bit surreal to have a child who is 21 years old – talk about make a momma feel old, but my mind is filled with issues about money (mine and hers), money and, well, money. The other little bits of brain that aren’t taken up with thoughts of money are concerns about my health and my parenting of my three other children.

Let’s review the facts:

  • I’m going to be a grandmother in about two months and every time I think I’m ready something comes up to point out that I’m not ready.
  • There are some tests and whatnot that are up in the air regarding my health so although I don’t worry about that situation it does cross my mind as I try to pay attention to what’s going on within my body.
  • My other three children – ages 5, 7 and 8 – are quite a handful. Every time I think we’ve reached a level of calmness, normality and ease in our lives something changes with them. Their moods, attitudes, vocabulary (!), thoughts, etc. It’s a merry-go-round and rollercoaster of “activity” that I sometimes (read: often) can’t keep up with.
  • And I want a man. My own man. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Wait, one more thing: When I say “own man” it isn’t because I am seeing someone else’s man (LOL!); it means I’m tired of men who are unavailable approaching me. Yup, that’s married men, engaged men, men in relationships, separated men, etc. … '

*deep breath*

RJ & Amber going down isleWhat do I really think? That I’ve raised a beautiful young woman who makes me really proud and who I love with all of my heart, mind and spirit. A young lady who I want to see achieve and realize her deepest dreams and live her biggest fantasies. She’s my love and I’m so happy to have been blessed with her. 

She’s about 11 years old here… --->




100_0042 100_1041








Amber is about 13 or 14 in these two pictures. Yup, she’s always been a cutie! :-)


Amber Lloyd


<--- I think this one is about a year ago; last summer I think.




She’s probably lucky I don’t have any of her baby pictures scanned into my computer.

How do you feel as your children get older?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Personalized baby gifts are ideal for showers

Like most women I’ve attended a few baby showers in my lifetime; however, I’ve never planned one. Right now I’m in the process of planning one and because the mom-to-be means so much to me I want it to be an extra special occasion. The problem, so to speak, is that every time I get in planning mode it transforms into shopping mode.

You see, the mom-to-be is my daughter and I have to find every single special gift that I can. Not only does my daughter mean the world to me, but there is going to be a new little girl in my life and I want her to have the very best.

baby stuff®...personalized cozy bear blanket for baby girl! 2012-07-17 23-01-09 During my shopping expeditions I’ve discovered that some of the most precious gifts to give are those that are personalized. Isn’t it adorable to see your child’s name or that of a loved one stitched on a blanket, pillow or stuffed animal? What about a personalized diaper cover? I found some really cute personalized baby gifts at

I can picture my little granddaughter cuddled in a soft blanket with her name on it; just like I can see her mother, years ago, snuggling with a little bunny rabbit that had her name embroidered on its apron. It’s those kinds of gifts that memories can be made from.


My children are gonna freeze

Let me just be honest. That should really say, “I’m going to freeze my children.” However, I don’t want to take responsibility for that.


It’s not my fault that it’s always hot outside and that I am having stupid hot flashes. It’s not my fault that they’re always walking around half dressed like me. And it’s not my fault that they’re skinny and have no fat to insulate themselves… like I do.

We all know the temperatures as of late have been sweltering. It’s the kind of heat – especially here in Georgia – that when you walk outside it slams into your body and forces you to take a step (or 10) backwards. It’s the kind of heat that makes taking a shower ridiculous and it makes dressing up an annoyance.

I’ve tried extremely hard not to complain about the heat because I really, really dislike the cold, but I can’t stand the sweating any longer. So a little venting is in order. Yes, I think I’m premenopausal (what of it?) even though the GYN is trying to fit me into a box with the rest of the women in the world and has yet to officially say I am. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or an MD, to tell me I’ve hit the beginning stages.

So, unfortunately, my three young children spend a lot of time under blankets or wrapped in robes. At least I was nice enough to provide those for their comfort. (Aren’t those pictures a blast from the past?!)

How have you been coping with the weather where you are? Do you find yourself too cold or too hot when indoors?

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