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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Children jumping on bed can change lives forever

Today, while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning Show I heard a sad story about a little boy who loved to jump on the bed. He would do all sorts of flips and jump as high as he could. I’m not sure how old the little boy was when he did a giant flip and fell backward off of the bed hitting his back on a nearby television stand. He got up and tried to walk it off without crying, but suddenly stopped and screamed in severe pain. His mother made him lay down and later (not sure how long) he couldn’t move his legs. She rushed him to the emergency room that night and found out he had a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis.

The letter was written by the boy’s mother to Tom Joyner for the Christmas wish segment they have each week. She wanted her son, who’s now 10, to experience riding a bike with the other children as well as his two brothers. He had experienced riding an adapted bike and really loved it but the mother couldn’t afford such an expensive item. Tom granted the mother’s wish for her son.

That was such a touching story as well as one we parents should learn from. When our children are young we hold their little hands before they can stand to let them “jump” on the bed, as they get older we hold their little hands and bounce them on the bed and when they’re toddlers they’ll do almost anything to get the opportunity to jump, flip and fall on the bed. We should discourage that “fun.”

It only took one moment for that family’s life to change forever, and although it may be a very rare occurrence who wants to take a chance like that? Parents do all they can to protect their children; let’s just add this one small thing to the list.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Siblings: Can’t live with ‘em…

little miss red & black When Amber was a youngster she, of course, played alone most of the time. When I took her to outdoor playgrounds or indoor play yards, she either made new friends or contently played alone. No big deal ‘cause she was used to it.

(This is Amber at about 3 years old.)

Today I noticed how my youngest daughter, who I picked up early for a doctor’s appointment, was a little hesitant to approach other children at the play yard without her siblings in tow. The kids who were already there didn’t take to her – probably ‘cause they thought she was younger than she really is and she didn’t approach or talk. She played a bit by herself and then I finally noticed she’d attached herself to two new friends. A brother and sister who were older than her.

I thought that was funny because she had, in essence, chosen her own brother and sister. In fact, after those children left she didn’t play with anyone else, was a little sad and ready to go. On the way out I asked her, “You like having your siblings around, huh?”

She nodded; head hung low.

“It’s okay,” I told her. “You’re a big girl and it gives you a chance to do things that they’d normally do for you. Like ordering your own food…” Which I tried to get her to do when we arrived at the fast food place. Although that wasn’t too successful, she did swipe her gift card and went back up to the counter alone to ask for barbecue sauce.

 DSCF3155 DSCF3406(Here’s the trio over the years…) 






DSCF5296 Jan-May 09 424








It’s good that my younger children have each other, but it’s also good for them – especially the youngest – to learn to do things on her own.

Do you have an only or more than one? How are they alone and together?


Monday, June 4, 2012

Get tech support now is an absolutely great choice for your technical support, which we all need. At least I know that I do. It seems like every time I get on a roll with a program working on my computer or the wireless networking is working up to par all of a sudden something goes wrong. When you have your own tech support you don’t have to worry about getting whatever is wrong fixed right away.

With a 100 percent money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this company’s tech support service, which is touted as being one of the more affordable companies in the field as well as one that offers a high quality of service compared to bigger, similar companies.

One of the things I like best about companies like this is the remote tech support. What’s better: Packing up your computer, jumping in your car and racing to the local computer place to see if they can fix your system and then finding out how long it takes? Or sitting in the comfort of your own home or office and getting that computer tech support remotely? That’s faster and easier.

I don’t know about you, but faster and easier always sound best to me. Check out and let me know what you think.


Things I don’t miss

“Oh my gosh, my period is late.” I don’t miss the chance that I might be pregnant. Now the only problem is waiting to miss my period. Menopause, where are you? “Oh my gosh, I just got my period.”

Waking up in the middle of the night to feed a baby.  There is nothing worse than bumping into a wall while trying to stay asleep and feed a screaming child. Not to mention changing a stinky diaper. Now I miss sleeping all night in an entirely new way: Is it just me or does aging bring wakefulness?

Calling my mother to tell her I’m “running late” and will miss curfew. I think if I wasn’t sleepy yet then I should have been able to stay out. Now I get pleasure out of leaving the house at midnight (when my children are with their dad) and going to the store. Ha! I’m a grownup alright! Let’s not mention that the only place I go is to the store.

Buying baby food, potty training and bibs. All of which are disgusting. Now my problem is no one told me children eat with their mouth open, find farting hilarious and use their shirts as napkins. Yea, that’s just as disgusting.

Walking into a room full of girls and everyone stops talking to look me up and down. Wait, that just happened the other day!

What have you been missing lately? :-D

Do share.

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