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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unique jewelry; fit for a queen

One of the hottest things to do in order to spice up your look  is choosing the right accessories. For some, that will mean choosing unique jewelry like you’ll find at South of Exotic.

South of Exotic has a collection of distinctive and beautiful pieces made from silver and semi-precious stones. Each piece, which is picked from artisans from around the world, has been chosen specifically for the South of Exotic collection. The items – rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings – are ideal for those who appreciate well-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Take a look at this beautiful blue lapis and green amethyst necklace:

To  me, it is a work of art. It’s a bib-styled necklace that can be transformed to make an entirely new look. How? The dangling pieces can be removed. That’s versatility and individuality that you won’t find with most pieces of jewelry.

With South of Exotic pieces, you’ll be sure to stand out in a crowded room. Everyone there will want to know where you obtained such a masterfully-made and gorgeous piece. When you visit the site, check out the Amber items – they are some of my favorites. The color along with the artisan work is bar none. You’ll feel like a queen, and definitely make a statement, wearing this stone and silver jewelry.

What are you waiting for? Go and find your signature piece right now.


Look at the babies

Remember when I told you about the geese that take up residence in the complex where I live? Well, I thought that all of them except one had met an untimely end, but it seems like one was off perched on some eggs. The first time I saw the wee ones I was so thrilled. I think I may have even screamed: Look at the babies! After a couple of weeks I finally got close enough and was at the right place  to capture some shots to share with you it’s amazing how fast they’ve grown.

Every time I drive pass the geese in the complex I either stop or slow down just so the children can gawk at them. (Okay, so I gawk too!) As you can see, they love them. They stare at them for long minutes. One day when I stopped to get the mail, they were all resting right next to my box and they sat there until one of my children scared them. When the mama and papa saw me coming they stood up; I’m always on guard for a squawking mad goose parent.


Don’t you just love how they can balance on one foot and scratch (eat bugs?) under their wings? It’s sorta like us human parents who perform balancing acts almost every single day.PART_1338420614015


Even since I’ve taken these pictures, the babies have sprouted some more, their feathers have become thicker and they’re moving faster. They’re even getting a little bolder, which means they are catching up to this little guy who showed no fear weeks ago.

You can see him approaching in the first photo below and when his papa notices what he’s doing he was definitely on guard.



Isn’t he a cutie!? If I get the chance I hope to get some more shots of them and I’ll share them with you here. What do you think of the babies?


Shop everyday to pay tuition

Raising children is an expensive endeavor, but there are programs put into place that can a little of the burden off the parent’s shoulders when it comes to those expenses. Especially college tuition, which will be as much as – if not more – than a home mortgage.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take every opportunity you can to put away as much money as possible. An ideal way to do that is by participating in Mission Tuition’s free educational savings program. Parents, relatives and students can use the site to shop with major retailers to earn money toward cash rebates.

When you sign up for Mission Tuition an educational savings account is automatically opened at Wells Fargo and once you shop online through the site the advertised rebate from the retailers is put directly into your savings account. It’s not difficult to use either: You will continue to use your own debit and/or credit cards to make purchases.

In addition, you can also open a state 529 tax deferred college savings account for your child; just review your state’s savings plan for details. If you want to access your money then all you need to do is let Mission Tuition know and they’ll send a check, per your request, or transfer the money to where you specify.

It's free to join Mission Tuition so what are you waiting for? It’s never too early to start saving just click through to get all of the details and make the first step to saving for college as easy as pie shopping.

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