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Friday, May 11, 2012

Fulfill your destiny using a life coach

Six and a half years ago I met a California-based life coach who needed an editor and writer. She was in a bit of a pickle and offered her coaching services in exchange for my editorial services. It’s probably one of the best business transactions I’ve made.

I discovered my interest in personal coaching while watching a television show and said if I had the opportunity I would definitely take advantage of it. She helped me implement changes (I’m resistant) and take better care of myself. So much so that I still remember some of the exercises and direction today. I realized that coaching can be a valuable asset to individuals and couples, which is why I pay attention when I come across information about other life coaches.

Chasing Rainbows © Contemplation MarksRecently some information was shared with me about  R.A. Leslie, a New-York based life coach and author of “Chasing Rainbows,” which is – in the author’s words – a “fantasy, where fiction is the only reality.” Leslie, who offers relationship coaching, has a way of touching individuals with her words. Wendy Vermeulen, a forensic psychologist, had this to say about “Chasing Rainbows:”

“...this book is going to whisper from the shelves of many 'read me' and it will cure so many hearts! I couldn't stop reading till my eyes were sore.. some day barriers will be broken and a mere mention of chasing rainbows will ignite a room with chitter-chatter and valuable conversation.”

It’s responses like this that reveals to me I’m not the only one moved by the work and assistance of a life coach. It is one of those things that everyone should consider trying. Having a life coach is one of the ways to ensure you’re healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Have you ever used the services of a life coach? If so, please share in the comments. If not, I’d love to hear about that as well.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Only a buck

Not too long ago I discovered the closeout aisle at Kroger. Now I know most stores have clearance sections or closeout shelves, but I’d never noticed it at the local Kroger where I shop. When I saw it a few months ago I hit the jackpot and snagged about six bottles of Pantene conditioners and shampoos for about $2 a piece. I gave a set to my oldest daughter (‘cause of course us girls always need some), two for my two middle daughters and two for myself.


IMG_20120508_090344   Today I went into the store to get some bottled water and raw sugar then remembered the aisle. It was quiet in the store with not too many people milling about so I was able to peruse at my leisure. There were a couple of things that seemed promising, but I resisted because I didn’t need them and couldn’t think of anyone who needed them. I found two great things: A bottle of stain remover and color-safe bleach that’s normally more than $6. I got it for $3 and it was a definite score ‘cause I needed it. And a book: “Spirit of the Polar Regions, explore the icy wilderness of the Arctic and Antarctic.”

The sticker said $1.00.

Seriously? Yup.

IMG_20120508_090433This book is a large hardback, full-color, completely illustrated book, which normally retails for almost $30. Yes, I looked it up. But on the same site you can get it for about $2. With shipping and handling my dollar deal is still the best.

I took the yucky, dirty, torn cover off of it and couldn’t wait until the children came hope from school. They were excited about the book when I showed them. They enjoy reading about different places in the world as well as animals, foliage and people of the area. We didn’t got too far into it today because it’s 256 pages, but I know each of us will spend time checking it out.

Not only was this a good deal, but it’s educational for myself and the children. That’s always a win-win.

Have you found any good deals lately?

Because I like to be helpful (and make a couple of pennies at the same time) here’s my Amazon affiliate link for “Spirit of the Polar Regions.” Under normal circumstances I’d make a small commission, but this link is to the $1.92 book. :-) Enjoy.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Custom-made men’s suits

As women we are normally very particular about what we wear and we’re just as particular about what our men wear. I don’t know about you, but I like to see a man in a well-fitted and stylish suit. A lot of times it’s difficult to find a suit that’s well fitted so it’s necessary to invest the time and money into custom made suits.

LS Men’s Clothing, which is considered New York’s Premier Clothier and Custom Suit Maker,  provides custom suits, dress shirts, pants, sports coats and tuxedos. This company has been providing custom made suits since 1954 and has sold thousands that were specifically geared toward the physique, taste and personality of their clients.

And they can do the same for the man in your life. The suits are American made by custom tailors using time-honored techniques with special attention to the contemporary styles of today. All you have to do is choose from the fine fabrics, fit and desired style then the tailor takes measurements to ensure the ideal, personalized fit. Once the measurements are taken, it will take two to four weeks until the suit is ready. Throughout the entire process, LS Men’s Clothing & Custom Suits works with you and your man to review all of your options and explain each choice to you. The result: The perfect suit.


Win a personalized baby gift

I’m convinced that something personalized is always the best gift to give. Have you noticed how many companies are offering personalization lately? That can only mean one thing: customers – buyers and receivers – are loving these items. And it’s no different for mommies (probably daddies too) of little ones; they love personalized baby gifts.

gingham baby bib boyBaby Stuff Gifts is one of those place where you can find the ideal personalized baby gift, and right now they’re giving away a double ply gingham bib, which is made with woven terry and plush velour. The winner will receive one bib in their choice of pink or blue and be able to have it personalized.

It’s really easy to enter so don’t waste another moment: Go to the Baby Stuff Gifts blog to enter to win. Good luck!

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