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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Migraine = kink in day

Yea, a migraine puts a kink in the day to say the least. I tend to have chronic headaches, along with the daily pain that my health conditions cause, and every once in awhile those headaches turn into killer migraines.

Today was one of those days.

I sorta felt it coming on late yesterday afternoon, but I tried to ignore it. I didn’t wanna succumb to the nasty little monster because there was a lot of things I wanted to get done. Before the night was over the throbbing had increased so I took two pain pills instead of the normal one and put myself to bed. But several times during the night I awoke with stabbing pain and nausea. I tried eating so I could take my regular meds and a medicine that had been prescribed the last time the pain overtook me. I ate some fruit, took the meds and tried to eat grits. By the time I had the grits made the pain was drumming a beat inside my head … I couldn’t finish the grits. A few bites in and I had to throw it away.

Since the pain wouldn’t subside I decided to go to sleep until the pill kicked in. About two or three hours later the pain was worse and I could barely stand up straight. Although i tried to prevent it tears streamed from my eyes and I began to cry. One – because it hurt so much and, two – because the last time I had pain like that it lasted for a week. I cried ‘cause I was alone, I cried ‘cause of the pain and I cried ‘cause I cried.

I’m sure you understand.

Long story short I ended up getting a friend/neighbor to take me to the ER at the VA hospital. About four or five hours after I took the prescribed headache medicine the migraine started to subside some and I could at least uncover my eyes. I still got a shot from the doctor (Can I say, Thank you, Lord!) and, just to make sure nothing was going on with my multiple myeloma, the doctor order a CT scan.

That came back normal and I got a prescription that I can pick up tomorrow morning. After spending about five hours in the hospital, I made it home and put some food into my stomach. I still have the underlying pain, which sucks, but I’m about to hit the hay early and hopefully they’ll be even less pain tomorrow.

Although I may not be able to finish the chores and work I had to do over the weekend, I’m not going to worry about it. I have to take care of myself and see this pain through to disappearance so when the children come home on Monday I can deal with everything I have to do with them.

I hope your weekend has gone better. What have you been doing today?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother’s Day sale: 15 percent off jewelry

I was reading a survey about what most moms want for Mother’s Day” On the list is the standard fare, which includes jewelry. You know, something sparkly and pretty that has diamonds,  platinum, gold, silver, gems… You get the idea.

If you decide to get the mom in your life a piece of jewelry there are two things you should keep in mind: Her taste and your budget. If you shop at Lauren Klein you’ll find women’s jewelry that fulfills both of those requirements. They have choices that fit every style and budget, and you’re budget will have a little cushion thanks to the 15 percent off Mother’s Day Sale that’s going on right now.

Lauren G Adams Purple Mother Daughter Flower BanglesThe site features some Mother’s Day arrivals  as well as the most adorably gorgeous Mother Daughter Lauren G Adams Bangles. It’s such a lovely idea to give mom and her number one daughter matching jewelry, and with the great deal going on buying the set plus a little something extra won’t stress your wallet at all.

Don’t think about it any longer, go ahead and click over to Lauren Klein and when you check out enter the coupon code MDS15 to get 15 percent off your purchase. Make the mom in your life happy by giving her some fine jewelry and make yourself happy about snagging a great deal.

What’s at the top of your Mother’s Day gift list?


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping for your little fashionistas

A lot of children really don’t care too much about what they wear, but my children – from the oldest to youngest including my son – takes great pride and has unending opinions about what they put on their little bodies. When I was a child I don’t recall having near as much input into what I wore as my children have today.

For instance, recently I’ve discovered that my young daughter doesn’t really like dresses. She’ll wear them if she wants to, and if the style meets her approval, only once in awhile. So far there haven’t been many times that I’ve had to force one on her. In the spirit of “picking my own battles,” I give her choices. She prefers to wear skirts or shorts and in cooler weather she likes jeans. Oh and there are the leggings, jeggings and tunics that rank high on the list. She even knows what skinny jeans are and will request them. No, she’s not 12. She’s a few weeks shy of 5.

That’s why when I shop for my children it takes me quite a bit of time to choose the right garments. If they aren’t with me I rummage through fashions for children until I find something everyone will be happy with. (Just ‘cause I’m a pushover doesn’t mean I don’t make the choices!)

Another thing I must consider when shopping is the price versus the quality. I love designer children's clothing, but I don’t normally purchase it unless there’s a fab deal going on. That’s why when I checked out Ladida I clicked on the sale link first. After that I browsed around and clicked on two of my favorite children’s clothes designers: Bellerose and Ella Moss. They have the funky, fun designs that my middle daughter loves.

I’ve found some great kids’ fashions online, which is where I prefer to shop overall. Where do you purchase your children’s clothes?


Monday, April 30, 2012

How to make chores fun for kids, productive for you

There have been many-an article written about children and chores. There are all sorts of suggestions and ideas… as you read this post, keep in mind that the best ideas come with your twist put into it.

Over the weekend I decided my children were going to help me clean up each room… right after I vegged on the couch and watched television. I didn’t announce it or prepare them, I just stood up and said, ‘Okay, guys, let’s get cleaned up. You guys are going to help me go room to room.’ Now when I said “help me,” I really meant I’m going to direct you and you’re going to do it. We started in the girls’ room then their brother’s room and their bathroom. Then we moved into the kitchen where they emptied the dishwasher and put the dishes away as well as loaded the dishwasher. I had planned on having them help me with my room, but we ran out of time before we were expecting guests.

Playing taskmaster while they clean and straighten isn’t always ideal, but it does get everything accomplished fairly quickly and correctly. Funny thing is these same chores that I shadowed them on are posted on our family chore chart. The same chart they’re supposed to follow each week without prompting and just get done.

Surprise of all surprises: That doesn’t work.

The same happened with the chart that my BFF bought for my son a few years ago. He seldom – although more often – did it without prompting.

I’m of the parenting school where I tell you once or twice and you get it done. Of course the last time that worked for me was about 15 years ago when my almost 21-year-old daughter was young. Of course I only had one children then and that was a whole different generation.

So, how do you get your kids to enjoy chores? The tried and true method is to do it with them because they enjoy spending time with you. How is that productive for you? Well, you’re the taskmaster and you’ll get them to do it like you want it done.

Now before you do this shadow method you want to have already taught them how to do the chores and where to find everything. For instance, when I tell my children to take up the trash I expect them to grab the liner out of the trashcans and replace each can with another liner. If they need to sweep they know where the hand dustpan and broom is as well as the full-sized broom. They also know where dirty clothes go, empty hangers, etc.

Let’s review…

For independent workers:

  1. Teach chore
  2. Demonstrate chore
  3. Delegate chore

For shadowing:

  1. Teach chore
  2. Demonstrate chore
  3. Direct through chore

If you’re a parent who likes to assign rewards to chores then this is the perfect chance to allow some video game time or another activity your child loves. I, for the most,, just allow them to do something they want to do.

And in my infinite parenting wisdom, I prop up my feet and enjoy some reading, channel surfing or more Internet time. Either way, everyone gets something. On the chance that they’ve bribed asked me to play a game then we have some fun family time.

Now how do you delegate your household chores or get your kids to work together? Leave a comment with your tips ‘cause we can all learn from each other.

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