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Friday, March 30, 2012

My fantasyland

You’re like a fantasy to me

A rainbow atop a tree

Roses growing from my lamp.

You’re the top of the hill

A pink owl on my windowsill

… times three.

I see the color red with silvery gold shooting through the air

A glance to the left I see a pink and purple bear

And there are strings of pearls growing in my hair.

The sun burst and diamonds fell from the sky

And I splashed through puddles of gold,

Next thing I knew there were silky ribbons in the air

Fluttering near my cheeks

Causing rippling in places lasting for weeks.

Somewhere near there’s an end to my dream…

It would seem. But it continues on through sea-colored foam

Pass the ugly gnome… on his throne… alone.

Before it’s all done there’s one more thing to do

finish my fantasy with you. – Petula Renee Wright


Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Piggybank raid

One of the “bad” things about always using debit cards is the fact that I seldom have cash on me. So when someone requires a cash payment I normally go to the store to purchase something I need and get cash back. Well, the other day I didn’t feel like doing that… Okay, I must admit that I thought I had the correct change. I found out I didn’t and didn’t feel like going back out to the store especially since I didn’t need to leave for anything else.

I gathered up the cash I had and went into my kids’ rooms to raid their piggybanks. Yes, I did. But I’m happy to say that I didn’t take any money without putting money in. I took 10 one dollar bills from Amareah’s (my middle daughter) piggybank and put in a $10 bill. My youngest, poor thing, didn’t have much money in hers: a $1 bill and some coins.  And I won’t mention the fact that,Amber,  my oldest, and I think Amareah “permanently borrowed” some of her little sister’s money.

In Andre’s room I need more dollars, but he only had seven so I had to give up a $10 for the seven ones. … That just doesn’t seem fair! … I think from now on instead of just putting coins in the change bowl in my room, I’m going to have to start saving dollars when I have them.

Have you ever had to raid your kids’ piggybanks to get change for something?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For cigar lovers

I have two friends who smoke on a regular basis: a high school friend of mine regularly enjoys a cigar and my best friend smokes cigarettes all day long. I thought of each of them when I saw the BnB Tobacco's Alec Bradely Page, a nicely designed spot to find all things tobacco related.

They have the BNB Tobaccos Alec Bradley Collection and showcase everything in a beautiful way. However, they realize that tobacco usage is not necessarily the best thing and have directed users to nicotine addiction information.

I may not agree with my friends’ decisions to smoke, but I can definitely direct them to relevant information.


Where’s the goose?

When I moved into this apartment a little over a year ago I was pleasantly surprised to see a trio of geese waddling around the complex. The site of them reminded me of that movie “Fly Away Home,” which is based on the true story of a little girl who finds goose eggs and brings them home to hatch. The little geese attach to her (called imprinting) and follow her everywhere. The girl and her father realize they must teach them to migrate for the winter and go on a quest to get them from Canada to North Carolina.*

Of course, the geese moved on at some point and I didn’t think about them again until I saw only two of them late last year. They weren’t on our property, but nearby – around the corner, so to speak. And, if I recall correctly, I saw the fallen body of their comrade somewhere on the side of the road. So sad, I thought.

Today as I was returning from my morning carpooling duties I saw a lone goose waiting to cross the street as I drove through the gate. I immediately scanned the area, peering through the trees to the little, nasty lake and all around nearby. I didn’t see the other goose.

Surprising  myself, I could feel tears welling up a little. I drove slowly pass the little guy and looked at him intently. As I looked around some more, I wondered if he is sad and how long he’ll last without a friend. I am a nature lover, I enjoy gazing upon all types of creatures, critters, mammals, flowers, trees and bushes. I’ll watch any nature channel and I’m particularly fond of Animal Planet. Among all of that, I also enjoy staring at the sky and marveling at the clouds, stars, sun and moon… I guess that would make me a lover of the Earth. Hmmm?

Now that I realize that, I should understand my concern for the lonely goose. When I went out this afternoon I didn’t seen the lone goose, I hope it’s okay and that its’ friend was just hobbling around somewhere else.

Good luck Goosey!

*Description of the movie from “When Amy Alden discovers a nest of goose eggs and brings them home to hatch, the newborns "imprint" on her, following her everywhere, claiming her as their mother. As they grow, Amy and her dad, Thomas, realize they must take on the responsibility of teaching them to migrate for the winter. From Canada to North Carolina, father, daughter, and geese all learn to fly together. The movie Fly Away Home, starring Academy Award®- winning actress Anna Paquin, Jeff Daniels, and Dana Delaney, was inspired by the life of Bill Lishman, the Canadian artist who really did teach geese to fly.”

If you’d like to purchase the movie (Fly Away Home [VHS]) it’s less than $5 at Amazon.

Disclosure: This post contains my Amazon affiliate link; should you make a purchase I will receive a small commission. Please review my complete disclosure policy.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking for a new car? Consider Ford Focus

My oldest daughter, 20-year-old Amber, definitely needs a car and will be trying to get one within the next few months. Every time we talk about it I start noticing different cars on the road (not counting the SUVs and pickup trucks that I like) and picture Amber in a cute – and reliable – new car.

I have experience with a couple of makes of cars and, of course, I recommend those to her. One make I’ve never driven is a Ford. I want her to have the best and most reliable car available so it’ll be a good idea for her to also check out Ford focus used cars.

A lot of people don’t consider used cars, but when you purchase one from a reputable dealer then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Right now at the UK-based JenningsFord, you can find a used focus that fits your needs. Although I have purchased a new car once, each of my other vehicles have been used and I’m quite pleased with what I chose. It’s all a matter of finding the right seller.

Jennings just might be the seller/dealer for you. They are  a large multi-dealer franchise group that is primarily based in North of England, but the company has a very strong internet presence and manage numerous nationwide sales on a weekly basis. Their mission is to maintain and develops their position as the number one dealer group in the North East and their goals is to ensure each of their customers is happy and satisfied with their experience.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a new car, especially one that is used, then it is time to check out the Jennings ford focus for sale. After you take a peek, come back and leave a comment telling me what you think.

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