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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Watch the speed bumps

Yesterday as I was turning into my complex I glanced to my right and watched the car that was behind me zoom pass. They were going kinda fast and had been tailing me a little closely so I wondered where they were rushing to.

I understand being in a hurry. It seems like every time I go out of the door I’m rushing to take the kids to school, to an appointment, to a party or something. And if that’s not it then I’m rushing myself to the doctor or meeting or lunch or whatever. It can get tiring and it can be really aggravating. When did everything become so hurried?

I think of that aggravation every.single.time I drive through my complex because of the stupid speed bumps. There were two bumps that you could drive around and, for some reason, “management” decided to extend those so you can’t even avoid those. Although I understand they don’t want cars speeding through the parking lot; it is aggravating because they are ruining my undercarriage. Before I moved here a year ago my car didn’t make a squeaking, cricking sound going over a bump – now it does. It really bothers me when I’m in a hurry because they’re slowing me down and tearing up my van.

Sometimes I wish for a time when things were a bit slower. When I couldn’t be reached at any given moment, when there was less to do… There was no need to check my email (it didn’t exist!), visit Facebook or see who’s tweeting what. I didn’t get instant news on my mobile phone, Wii or laptop. And my children weren’t coming home to tell me about yet another website they need to visit because some teacher/student/friend told them about it. That’s getting so bad that they actually need their own computer.

Wait, I digressed a little… I’ve been thinking of slowing down a lot. No, that’s not actually true. I’ve been thinking about getting away – taking a break. All this rushing around is annoying me to a level that I don’t even want to deal with anymore. Some of the conveniences and pleasures of life are just the things that are making me – and many others – want to take so many breaks, vacations and experience changes of scenery. I know I do. I can’t wait until my next getaway…

Away from those damn speed bumps. Even within my speed bump complaints they made me realize the importance of just taking a moment to breath, slow down and not get all torn up.

Have you been rushing around lately? What do you wish you had more time to do?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Magnetic nail polish

Most women enjoy taking a little time to add a little sparkle to accentuate their beauty and when a new trend comes out it’s only a matter of time before we’ll give it a try. Now there’s a stylish – and fun! – way to add a little pizzazz to your look. It’s magnetic nail polish.

The company Nails Inc. has a nail lacquer called Magnetic Attraction, which is a special formula that has metallic particles in it. The particles form unique patterns when  manipulated by a magnet in the top of the polish bottle.

Now that’s what I called magnetic attraction.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*knock, knock* Can you hear me?

I am not going to go on a ranting vent like I want to do. I won’t complain and cuss about the extreme frustration of certain individual’s inability to hear, understand, cooperate or compromise. I’m not going to talk about inconsistencies, lying, empty threats and irrational thoughts.

My time has been wasted enough.

If I say to you, “I don’t want to talk to you because you don’t listen. You order or tell me what you want to do instead of having respect for my time and life by making requests …”

And then you say, ‘I’m sorry if I’ve been disrespectful and haven’t been making requests; it’s not my intention and I really apologize.’

Then the next time – the very next day – the first chance you get to say anything you text, “I am going to do XYZ on Thursday.”

Did you ask if I was available? Have you inquired as to whether it’s even possible on that day?

No, no you didn’t.

And because I had you on speaker phone when you made your sincere apology I forwarded your text to that person for their opinion.

Their response?

“Wow, I thought [they] said sorry for coming across like that.”

Hmmm… funny, it’s not just me.

An-t-way, I’ve nothing left to say to you or about this here – in my space. I desire you to dismiss yourself, stay on your side of the fence, keep it to yourself, handle your business, talk to the hand, handle it how you want, kiss you-know-where and call it a day.

It’s a wrap, it’s done, ‘nuff said.

*deep breath*

End unvent.


Expensive Little One

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

No one tells you how expensive kids are! They tell you how cute, adorable, high-maintenance, loving, and sometimes exhausting they are, but no one gives you inside information about how their bank account looks drastically different after giving birth. Our sweet baby is five and boy is she draining our assets. We’ve got AWANA’s, horseback riding lessons, dance class, Perfectly Polished etiquette class, and new Sketchers every two months for growing feet. Baby girl is more expensive than her mommy! Tommy suggested we try to lower our monthly payments on bills and utilities by cutting costs elsewhere. He’s always hounding me to turn out the lights in a room I’m not in, but now I see why. I think we’re going to try to hit up and see if we can’t get a better deal on power rates. Maybe combined, those two will save us some bucks. Have you guys had any luck with that? Regardless, we wouldn’t change our lives for anything. I’m willing to give up yearly trips to Nordstrom if it means I’ll have pictures of my girl riding a horse for the first time.


Unchartered territory

I think it is safe to say there isn’t anyone who hasn’t experienced high ups and low, low downs that both teach you lessons about yourself, others or life in general. As you get older you may hope that life gets easier to cope with and handle, but – for some – life continues to provide serious peaks and valleys. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, interactions, activities, feelings, experiences, confrontations, executions, relationships and the contribution of others that make this ride so bumpy.

DSCF6098 For some the ride seems smooth regardless of how much they go up and down. It’s like the shock absorbers of their life are in peek condition and the road they travel never has potholes, cracks or obstacles. Actually, if you don’t know them, it may seem like the road isn’t bumpy because the vehicle looks great on the outside. When, in fact, it’s filled with trash, hatred, anxiety, sadness, depression, problems, worries… there could be an limitless list.

As I delve into unchartered (undesired and unwanted) territory, I reflect on all I’ve done, learned, loss and experienced to help me make it through. I hope my experiences keep me afloat, my knowledge keeps me ahead and my love blends it all together resulting in a smooth concoction for the next phase of life.

Being a person who is resistant to change, entering unchartered territory is an anxiety-filled occasion. My heart beats quickly, my mind wanders frequently and all I wanna do is stare out of the window, gazing at the clouds and sun while letting its warmth soothe me. Besides needing a map and a compass, I need that warmth to comfort and guide me through the unchartered territory.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Convert pdf to Word

PDF to Word ConverterAlthough I consider myself to be fairly computer literate there are certain tasks that are still outside the range of my abilities. Uniquely re-designing (or designing, for that matter) web pages or blogs, resizing photos without a program and converting pdf to Word.

Quick-PDF is a pdf to word converter that’s easy to use to change pdf to .rft or .doc right into software application for Windows. It has high-quality and batch conversion, a command line mode, built-in OCR module for scanned pdfs and supports all pdf formats.

Sounds easy as pie, right? Do you use something like this to convert your files?

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