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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No pain, no gain my a** … uh, booty!

I just lowered myself into my desk chair and it wasn’t a pleasant site or feeling… My thighs screamed the entire way down. I am sure that’s not healthy; I don’t care what Sammy the Trainer says. “No pain, no gain.”

It’s a crock of do-do balls. When I lift my arms they hurt. Seriously, how am I supposed to wave? When I try to sit or squat my thighs react as if I was hit by a truck. Do I really wanna look like an old arthritic lady trying to get into a chair? Even my shoulders are unhappy.

Then, to top it all off, I’m sitting here drinking coffee without my raw sugar ‘cause I think I saw that sugar has carbs! What the freak is the world coming to? I don’t mind counting calories as well as tracking my fat and protein intake, but a girl has gotta draw the line somewhere.

Okay, *deep breath,* I got that out of my system.

For now.

I don’t have any stat updates for you right now… I’ll probably do them on Thursday or Friday. My last session for the week is tomorrow. (Ugh!)

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just fast forward to six months from now and see how I will look or find out how many inches are gone? When I look in the mirror now I don’t see any differences. (You remember I’m impatient, right?) Then I will know that it’s all worth.

You know what I’m most worried about though?

Two things: That nothing will change and that I won’t be able to withstand the additional pain.

What if the meds prevent weight loss or I can’t keep up the workout? Those are thoughts that linger in the back of my head.

In the meantime, I’ll just continue to give Sammy a hard time. It’s only fair since he gives me a hard time.

Did you workout today? Are you counting calories? Well, whatever you’re trying to do to improve your health or meet a goal we’ll have to encourage each other. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re up to. Or just leave a vent! Sometimes complaining can be fun… ‘cause, you know what, you’ll be right back sweating it out again soon. ;-)


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Underwear update!

The transitions that children go through can be either entertaining, uncomfortable, enlightening or gross experience. For instance, when your preadolescent child needs to start using deodorant; that can be pretty gross. Why? ‘Cause normally when you realize it it’s because you inhaled something offensive just as the lift their arm to hug you.

It may be a little uncomfortable to find out that your baby girl needs to wear a bra or entertaining when you realize your exuberant flasher is embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of you. I’ve experienced a couple of these transitions over the past year. One I’ll just keep to myself ‘cause I don’t wanna gross you out and I just have an aversion to talking about underarms. LOL… The other one began about this time last year. Remember when I told you about my son’s experience with boxers? If you missed it, check out my Boxers vs. Briefs post.

When my son, now 8, needed some new underwear last year I bought some regular boxers for him to try out. At first he was a little less than thrilled because “things were moving around” and he decided to wear them on top of other undies when going to bed or whatever. I finally found the tighter boxes (what in the world are those called?) and he was much more comfortable.

Eventually, without my knowing, he tried wearing the regular boxers again. One day he came out of his room with just his pants on and said, “I like them now.” He was talking about the boxers. Children’s reactions to different scenarios and experiences can be very entertaining. It’s up to us, as parents, to ensure that experiences like these are positive. They’re natural and inevitable.

I’ll forever giggle about his first reaction to wearing boxers and I can only imagine what he – and all of my children – have in store for me for the future.

What are your most memorable transitioning experiences with your children?


Monday, February 6, 2012

Rock a 1920’s ‘do

Did you know “the bob” hairstyle originated in the 1920s? I didn’t realize that until today. “The bob” is a classic hairstyle that has been recreated, reinvented and reintroduced again and again over the years.

I love to see young women wearing their hair in a way that represents a certain era or style. The 1920’s bob – especially in the early part of that decade – was short pretty much all the way around, usually skimming the earlobes. What made this side-parted look so stylish were the sexy waves that made the style so unique. Don’t be mistaken though, the bob was also worn sleek and sharp, curly and crazy as smoothly seductive.

image In order to sport a 1920’s hairstyle you have to make sure you use the best hair products available and a little help from the ghd Scarlet Styler. It’s a professional flat iron with red plates, a protective plate guard and a heat resistant styler roll bag, which also comes with sectioning clips that are perfect for separating hair while you style. Whether you’re going for the smooth bob – and sliding the iron straight down your hair, slightly curving in at the bottom – or the wavy, by changing the direction and angle of your tool; the Scarlet is the right tool to use.

One of the the most important things to remember is protecting your hair from heat and you can do that by using a heat protect spray. You want your hair to be healthy and stylish, right?

If you’ve ever made a statement with a 1920’s hairdo – or any era for that matter – leave a comment and tell us all about it.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

A love/hate relationship

Have you noticed that I haven’t talked too much – if at all – about my weight loss? I’ve tried to keep you updated on my health, but am purposefully skimming over any facts about my weight. You probably recall my 60-pound weight loss about two years ago – well since then the weight has crept back on and everything I did before to keep it off is no longer working. One of the reasons is I’ve been sick (condition related) on and off and some of the changes in medications have resulted in weight gain.


Wednesday began a significant change for me: I start working with a personal trainer. I figure that instead of worrying about the time it takes away from work or the cost, I will remember that it is an investment in myself. I’ll have to keep remembering that every.single.time I don’t want to do it. AND every single time I wanna push the trainer (Sammy!) off of a very high building.

My first meeting with Sammy went well. He gathered health, personal and physical information. I filled out so many forms that it was like getting a car loan – but, you know what, I can’t complain about that because it shows that he is a thorough and professional trainer. None of that keeps me from giving him a hard time though.

Our second meeting – now sessions – went well. I complained through the weighing in, the sit ups and the three sets of everything. I sorta enjoyed those parts of the session, but I had to give him a hard time because it wouldn’t be as much fun if I didn’t. And, most of my close family and friends know that I just get pleasure from giving people a hard time. Hey, it’s all done in love.

It was all good as gravy until he told me to get on the stupid elliptical machine thingy. Or was that the stair climber do-hick-ee? It really doesn’t matter because I absolutely HATE both of them. I hate trying to maintain the rhythm and I don’t I’ve ever been able to complete an entire program on them. In addition to that, I often get dizzy and absolutely drained from the stupid things.

Everything I loved about Sammy went right out the door as soon as I got on that machine. I think I cussed him out (in my head) in three different languages the entire time. Oh, wanna know how long I was on there? Eight minutes! Yup, just eight minutes. Don’t laugh. He needed to get my active heart rate and that thing definitely did the job.

Img_00463So I can already see how this is going to go. I’m going to love him for making sure that he has me doing stuff that is in accordance with my medical limitations and for helping me through each and every step of this. And I’m going to hate him when he makes me do stuff I don’t want to do. For instance, I haven’t been too fond of him this entire weekend because my arms/chest areas are sore. I don’t care what everyone says about “no pain no gain;” that just shouldn’t apply to getting in shape. I mean, seriously, isn’t there a way to do this without feeling like you were run over by a truck?

*imagine me sucking my teeth*

Well, I need to hurry up and finish laundry and whatnot ‘cause I gotta sign on to the site where the meal plans and tracking stuff are. Yea, as if just exercising isn’t bad enough I have to eat even better than I was. I guess I shouldn’t tell him about those cookies I ate this weekend. … Or that granola bar that he said was no good. Hmmm, maybe I need to leave out the two cups of coffee (16 ounces each)… as well as those yummy chunks of cheese they served at the birthday party I went to yesterday.

Img_00460 Oh boy. It looks like I’m going to need you guys’ help as well to keep me accountable. That means I’m back to keeping you up-to-date on my weight loss journal, which I’ll try to do at least once a week.






Here are my current stats:

Img_00561Week One
Feb. 2
Weight: 198.9 (Gasp!)

Feb. 3
Weight: 196.4


My body fat is poor (about 33%), but I’m looking forward to that decreasing each week (No more cookies!). To take a peek at a previous weight loss journal just click that link. Before you go be sure to leave a comment with your suggestions or experiences with weight loss, trainers and/or exercise.

Photos were taken by Anna, my 4-year-old daughter. The first two were taken about five months ago and the last one was last week.

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