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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evaluating emotions

I was browsing my unpublished posts and found this. I wrote it sometime over the summer and I’m not sure why I didn’t share it with you…

I've been sitting here pondering a couple of overwhelming emotions I had today. In a particular situation my emotions & feelings are running rampant, but I'm conscious of not letting them run me and focus on thinking logically.

One thing I do know is when we react to something based on intense emotions we may react incorrectly. I'm so extremely glad that I didn't react to someone based on my emotions and now I sit here patiently waiting to discuss a situation. (Thank you Amber for "listening" to me.)

I have to know that it's not always about me. I shouldn't think negatively first and disrupt my flow and motion of my day to dread something that may not happen. I don't have to be scared of being happy or any other wonderfully positive emotion and keep thinking there's a gigantic ball waiting to drop and ruin it.

Living in the moment and enjoying every minute.

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