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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Celebrate life, honor loved ones

The holidays are upon us and while people are enjoying that by honoring their religious and family traditions they are also celebrating other events and experiences. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned recently, at a time of year when everyone should be joyous some are being forced to remember recently loss loved ones.

It is a good idea to use sparklers to celebrate or sky lanterns to honor the lives of loved ones who aren’t alive to share the holidays. This could be especially important for children who need a positive memory of someone they love and of a time of year that is special to them. has sky lanterns (sort of a mini hot air balloon) and sparklers, which are hand-held fireworks.

When celebrating the life of a loved one sparklers can be lit and placed in a vase, held or whatever feels comfortable. The lantern are released into the sky and used to symbolize different things. Wouldn’t it be nice for a child to be able to verbalize how much they’ll miss their loved one or share a favorite memory.

What do you think about using sparklers or sky lanterns in this way?

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