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Friday, November 23, 2012

Light up the holidays with Chinese sky lanterns

The end of the year is an exciting time. Families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances will have parties, gatherings and get-togethers. They’ll exchange presents, share spirits, consume goodies and play games. Some will tell jokes, sing and dance or make memories  with their new family, baby or marriage proposal. Let’s add another layer of excitement and memories to the mix and release Chinese sky lanterns into the night sky to culminate the end of the year. It’s beautiful to watch the lanterns as they are lit and released.

White Sky LanternSky lanterns aren’t new on the scene: Traditional sky lanterns used in Asian societies were made with oiled rice paper that was placed over a bamboo frame. Now modern sky lanterns are made using flame-retardant coverings and biodegradable materials. Those are just as beautiful and functional as the originals, and affordable.

You can get a sleeve of six colored for $20 and a case of 36 for $100. The white ones are the same price, but with singles are $3.50. More information about the sizes, shapes and prices can be found at Sky Lanterns Depot.

Get started now on planning your new, end-of-the-year memories.

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