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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keep germs away with shopping cart covers

This is the ideal gift to ease mommy’s nerves and ensure baby’s comfort and safety: shopping cart and high chair cover. has four of the cutest patterns on these covers I’ve ever seen. When I had my first child there was nothing like this and I marveled at the moms who crafted their own buggy covers – I hope some are profiting from the invention – now they’re relatively easy to find.

shopping cart cover One reason I like the ones at Simply Baby Gifts is because of the patterns. My favorite is the Licorice Swirl pattern:  It’s classic and works for a boy or a girl as well as helps with the little ones cognitive abilities. The covers are also good if the child gets tired and needs to take a nap they can just hunker down into the cart and doze off ‘cause there’s nothing worse than a cranky kid during a shopping trip.

The covers sold at this online retailer have three uses; in addition to the shopping cart, they can be used as a high chair cover and on a double warehouse shopping cart cover for one or two children. It’s a great way to protect your child from germs and it makes for one of the best baby gifts ever especially since it includes a safety belt, two toy loops and handy pockets as well as a reusable carrying case.

Do you use a shopping cart cover or have you ever used one? Think you’d give it as a gift?

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