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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buying baby gifts

It’s probably a good thing I’m still raising children because I would already be buying my granddaughter, who’s just a month and a half, a whole lot of things she doesn’t really need. However, with the holidays approaching I have an excuse to get buy some goodies for her.

I’m enthralled with baby’s first products: I’ve already gotten her a baby’s first Thanksgiving bib and a pink baby’s first Christmas stocking. (I’m not even going to mention the adorable little onesies I found to give her from her young aunts and uncle.) It really is fun shopping for baby gifts when it’s for your grandchild, and has loads of goodies that I can choose from.

simply baby gifts deluxe basket While I was surfing the baby gifts site I saw a personalized deluxe baby girl gift basket that would be perfect. It has a cute teddy bear that Autumn would love especially since she’s started noticing the world around her; the softness of the bear should be especially enticing. And I won’t get in trouble with Amber, my daughter and Autumn’s wonderful mother, because there are useful items in the basket as well: onesie, bib, burp cloths, hooded towel and blanket all with the baby’s name on it.

When shopping for baby gifts remember to keep in mind what the parent(s) can use for their little bundle of joy. Items, like the stocking, can be mementos and bibs, onesies, burp cloths, etc., are always needed.

Are there any little ones in your family you’ll be buying gifts for this year? What gift ideas do you have?

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